Marlon Brando Died

Marlon Brando, the stage and screen actor whose performances in "A Streetcar Named Desire," "On the Waterfront" and "The Godfather" earned him plaudits as one of the greatest actors of all time, has died, his attorney told The Associated Press. He was 80. Brando died in Los Angeles. The cause of death is unknown. Brando shot to fame in the late 1940's with his groundbreaking performance in Tennessee Williams' play "A Streetcar Named Desire." As a teenager, Elvis Presley idolized Marlon Brando a young actor who played the part of a rebellious youth in The Wild One. Elvis went to Hollywood wanting to be a movie star like his heroes, James Dean and Marlon Brando and, just like them, wanted to be the rebel up on the screen.
Source: CNN / Updated: Jul 2, 2004 
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Presleygirl (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 5, 2004report abuse
"Walk a mile in my shoes" Don't be so quick to critique other people's health and death, yours could be worse. They were two wonderful entertainers who used their gifts from God. I for one am grateful.
cyn (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 4, 2004report abuse
why dont u guys lighten up. it is actually true that both were fat when they died so why censor it? obviously it's a very prosaic view which i don't personally dwell on but archie shouldnt be told to get off the site just for making his own observations.
gribz (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 4, 2004report abuse
Are you kidding Archibald! A grest actor yes, but he was no Elvis.. Elvis had the music that took him to another level.. Elvis was a thin man at death compared to Brando. THe only reason Brando would talk ill of Elvis, is because he knew he would never achieve the level of Global celebrity Elvis had, and Elvis was beloved where Brando was a mean and indifferent human being, that held great self-hate in his soul..
E.L.V.I.S (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 4, 2004report abuse
archie are you even an elvis fan, talking about elvis' weight as though you aint, you aint got nothing nice to say about elvis, get off this site.
j.kennedy2 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 4, 2004report abuse
Really a bad news. A god died...
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 3, 2004report abuse
Best actor ever. One of Elvis' heroes.
Archie (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 3, 2004report abuse
Truly a great actor! But what an irony, he too was bloated when he died.
MV (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 3, 2004report abuse
Really sad news. For me Brando on his Triumph Thunderbird
in The Wild One, along with James Dean and Elvis were
THE 50's icons. Another legend has left us.
Abidaslam1 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 3, 2004report abuse
A great actor and a wonderful eccentric who hated artiface and the celebrity culture. He will be greatly missed. However having read his autobiogrophy it seems he was another person who was mis-informed about Elvis regarding the drugs situation and did not have a high regard for him.
Renan (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 3, 2004report abuse
Rest In Peace Marlon Brando. We will miss you.
VanBeek (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 2, 2004report abuse
It was a GREAT actor, and indeed one of the acting heroes of Elvis! He wanted to be that kind of an actor insted of playing the musicals that he did. It was a dream of Elvis that never came true!

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