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From the US Bill E. Burk’s Elvis World #75 tries to answer the question if Elvis’ birthplace house is still the original one. Someone who is original is James Burton, but the interview which is announced on the cover isn’t, we can’t find it in this magazine. From the UK comes the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club magazine filled with articles written by the readers. We can only agree on the review of the great book “A Date With Elvis” and the raving review of the TCB Band concert. If you’ve seen these “oldies” in action you will be smiling because you have the same memories. The article on co-stars is interesting, we always pick up something new on the actors who played with our man on the big screen. From Belgium comes the Dutch magazine ElvisMatters. This issue has articles on the opening their first 100% Elvis shop in Belgium and birthday party with Larry Geller. Besides news, new releases and reviews the article on “the most endearing smile”. And finally from France we received the “Elvis My Happiness” magazine with articles on their Birthday trip to Memphis, of course Elvis’ UK singles success, and a complete overview of all the latest FTD, BMG and import releases. Not surprisingly this fan club can added an article on Elvis In France” to the magazine, this features a lot of interesting memorabilia. The same goes for the article on Elvis 15th Las Vegas season and lyrics article. These original items make it interesting reading this magazine. Click on the links below for subscription details on these magazines.
Updated: Mar 18, 2005 
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Bill E. Burk (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 22, 2005report abuse
What HAPPENED that the James Burton interview did NOT appear in ELVIS WORLD #75 is that we had that story coming from the same source as another interview we had printed previously.
After I dummy the pages -- which story goes where -- I list the contents on the front cover of EW.
Imagine my suprise when, last day before deadline, I open the interview to find it is an AURAL interview, requiring me, or someone, to transcribe about 3 hours worth of words and we just flat did not have time. I substituted the story, but forgot about it being listed on the front cover.
The earlier interview from same source had arrived already typewritten.
We have that CD enroute to us now of the Burton interview. We have the photos ready to accompany the interview. And, God willing and the creek don't rise, the Burton interview WILL appear in EW76 in May. I bet even ELVIS made mistakes!

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