Magazine Updates

This week three magazines from all over Europe were dropped in our mailbox. From the UK “Essential Elvis” came with its 43rd issue. This time besides all the regulars there’s a full report of last Elvis Week, an interview with Roy Bennett and a large article about EE’s event “Elvis Showtime” with John Wilkinson. From Portugal “Elvis Press” arrived. Since our Portuguese is not that good, we have trouble to recognize much of it, an article about Myrna Smith and one about “August 1969” fill the bigger part of the magazine, which contains of course the usual stuff like news. Danish is more recognizable for us and the magazine with the great name published by Elvis Unlimited contains some great full colour pictures, an article about Elvis’ guitars, Elvis last two tours and celebrates the 50th anniversary of Elvis’ RCA contract, among other things.
Updated: Nov 10, 2005 
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