London Fans On The Move

The monthly Elvis UK Fan club events for London have had to change venues. It will now be held at "The Minories", London EC3 on the first Saturday of every month, 7.30pm til 12.30am.
Source: Email / Updated: May 21, 2007 
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Tony D. (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2007report abuse
Many of the fans are glad to back at The Minories due to it's Cavern - like appeal, the great sound system, giant screens and late bar.
Deke Rivers 6 (profilecontact) wrote on May 26, 2007report abuse
This place doesn't get favourble review's.
Slava (profilecontact) wrote on May 22, 2007report abuse
Thanks Tony - this was announced here before my mag arrived - never mind! I know it was nobodies fault it had to be moved and all credit to those that have come up with this new (old) venue! just surprised to read it here first :)
Tony D. (profilecontact) wrote on May 22, 2007report abuse
If you go to these monthly discos (established now for 11 years), you would have heard the announcements. It was all a bit short notice. If you subscribe to the "Capital Elvis" magazine (the London branch of the Official UK Fan club), it is in there too. Hope to see as many of you there as possible. Tony (Capital Elvis DJ)
Slava (profilecontact) wrote on May 21, 2007report abuse knew before the fans did! are they going to tell us sometime???

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