Linda Thompson Files For Divorce

Elvis' former girlfriend Linda Thompson is heading for divorce again after filing papers against her songwriter/producer husband David Foster in Los Angeles. Thompson has cited "irreconcilable differences" for the split. Ironically, Thompson and Foster currently appear as a happily married couple in reality US TV show "Princes Of Malibu". Sources claim the divorce was planned before the reality show aired. Thompson, a former Miss Tennessee, was Presley's girlfriend until a year before his death in 1977 (while copying the news we incorrectly copied "the fact" that she was Elvis' girlfriend at the time of his death).
Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Jul 23, 2005 
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forelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 10, 2005report abuse
Yes tonycaddy! You hava a great courage
tonycaddy (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 26, 2005report abuse
Sorry I can't be as kind as you guys.You don't give Elvis any credit.He was smarter than you think.Why do you think he never married any of these goldiggers?He knew.How many times has Linda Thompson been married? I know her type.Believe me,I do.Her career has gone nowhere,she thought this husband would take her there,but her greed got her again.Will they ever learn,that fame and good fortune only come with hard,honest work.Not whom you marry.(Ok,maybe sometimes!)I wonder what her honest,there's that word again,honest opinion is of Elvis.Don't believe that interview.She probably hates him.Getting kicked to the curb hurts ones butt after awhile.
buyep01 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 24, 2005report abuse
My opinion of Linda Thompson is Higher than that of any of the Kings women in the Spotlight. Yes it was Ginger Alden that was the Kings girlfriend at the time of his death and her and her family sued the estate on grounds they said Elvis was going to pay off their house before they died. Linda thompson has been great the way she talks about Elvis ansd does try to watch what she says of him, But make no mistake about it her share of money and benefits kept her there a little longer and made her put up with just a little more "just human nature I wish her the best. Elvis was exactley right when he said " I will never know if a girl loves me, or Elvis Presley " you know I am 28yrs old and male and it breaks my heart to see such a wonderful man so lonsome and mad as hell when they judge him sarcasticaly the truth is the truth even Linda would say stoned oveweight slurring but you fans know what I am talking about. Chris Hattaway Columbus GA
cathyreno (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 23, 2005report abuse
I hope she'll be happy in whatever she decides to do, she always comes across a very caring, understanding person its ironic that it was Linda Lisa rang in 1977 to tell her about Elvis's passing it does say much for her character. But how can the papers get it so wrong?? Mixing her up with Ginger Alden,
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 23, 2005report abuse
If i'm not mistaken, it was Ginger Alden who was Elvis' girlfriend when The King died, and NOT Linda Thompson. Always Elvis
Elvos (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 23, 2005report abuse
Indeed, if she still would be around Elvis, maybe things could have turned out different! She was a carring person, and Ginger was not that carring and not really an adult, more like a kid in a candy store! Just thinking what can I win in this situation!
boris (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 23, 2005report abuse
well it looks this information was not checked accurately... Linda would have been much more helpful had she been around Elvis when he died... it's sad that she and David divorce they looked like a terrific couple... now hey Linda are you available :-) ?

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