Leiber & Stoller Sue MusicCity

Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller have filed a class action suit on behalf of the music publishing industry. Their complaint accuses MusicCity of allowing hundreds of thousands of tracks to be traded without authorisation. Their filing says the company facilitates "the wholesale infringement of the world's most popular songs". The action is centred on Morpheus, a peer-to-peer program that links hundreds of thousands of users into an online file-swapping network. Morpheus has been described as the next Napster, although its popularity is arguably even more ominous for the entertainment industry because it eliminates the need to connect to a central server. Lieber and Stoller's class action suit calls for a permanent injunction and damages of $150,000 (or nearly £106,000) for each infringed work.
Source: Ananova / Updated: Nov 21, 2001 
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