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Here is an update on Scotty Moore's condition by Gail Pollock; It's been a couple of days but I have been to see him each day, and he is continuing to get better. His speech is the biggest problem right now, he knows just what he is thinking, but certain words just won't come out. I spoke to his speech therapist yesterday, and she said that she would put Scotty on a priority list of people to see twice each day if possible. His physical progress is still great. He leaves that walker behind every time there is not a nurse or therapist to make him take it along. He carries it as much as leans on it. While in hospital, around 15-20 people came to see Scotty Moore for his birthday, we did not get an accurate nose count.
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Dec 31, 2003 
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teresa (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 4, 2004report abuse
Hope to hear you are better real soon Scotty. It is just one small rutt in the road. Best wishes on your road to recovery. We need you well real soon.
kelvin m wilson (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 31, 2003report abuse
happy new year scotty. we all hope it will be a better year for you
Tupelo (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 31, 2003report abuse
All the best to you Scotty, and the people inportant to you, in 2004!
Null (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 31, 2003report abuse
HAPPY NEW YEAR and best wishes to Scotty and friend's.

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