Last Import Top 5 Of 2004

During the month there were some swaps, but at the end the top 5 of the Import Top 40 is exactly the same as at the beginning of the month: 1 Finding The Way Home (1999) 2 American Crown Jewels (1996) 3 The Brightest Star On Sunset Boulevard, Volume 2 (1998) 4 Burning In Birmingham (1998) 5 The Brightest Star On Sunset Boulevard, Volume 1 (1998)
Source: Import Top 40 / Updated: Dec 31, 2003 

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Eriksen (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 3, 2004report abuse
I agree in much of your opinions. The same goes for the mixing of studiomaterial. I hate mixes where the drums is in one channel and the baes is in the other, or where the bass lies in the midle of the mix with the drums out in either the right or left channel. This is done with so manny releases over the past years, and i dont like them at all. The drums shuld be in the midle of the mix, with only parts of them mixed out in the soundpicture. The baes shuld be in the midle of the mix. The most silly mixes are those with Elvis lead vocal in either right or left channel. Please stopp this way of mixing.
TommyC (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 31, 2003report abuse
i love all the elvis releases..but the many new live cd's released by bmg on elvis' 70s material sounds awful.listen to the original on stage album and compare it to the updated cd version..the updated version sounds flat .with no acoustics on elvis'voice.i discussed this with dennis ferrante the mix engineer at bmg.he told me the mix is a subjective thing agreed upon by himself,ernst and roger.i feel when remastering elvis' live should not be subjective to the point of changing the sound that was originaly mixed by felton jarvis..does anyone else hear what i hear..many fans that i have discussed this with about the feb 72 material,and all the favorite error..but it sounds awful to me

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