Las Vegas Box-set Update

It has been confirmed that CD1 of this box will be the dinner-show from the 24th 1969. Part of the reason for choosing this one is that this is a very strong show that contains a lot of material that hasn't been released before, with excellent versions of some of the R&B stuff that he had in his repertoire at the time. Ernst adds that all Las Vegas '69 concerts that they have are really very good, and that they are also considering releasing a complete one on the FTD label. With regard to the "monologue" which will be placed on CD1 after the show the reason for placing it there is simply commercial. However, if a complete '69 concert will be released on FTD at some point, the monologue will be right in the middle of the concert. BMG still has lots of live material from August 1969, and they intend to use much of it, just like with the August '70 material. Earlier, we were told that CD4 would contain Las Vegas '56, and Las Vegas August '74 and March '75, but it will also contain material from December 1975, with "America The Beautiful". Ernst Jorgensen emphasizes that the Las Vegas Box-set has to be appealing for 'Joe Public'. He gives the fact that they have nearly all shows from August '74 on soundboard as an example, as these shows include one-liners of like 'Higher And Higher', 'Take These Chains From My Heart' and even 'An Die Schöne Blaue Donau' (no, I'm not kidding!), and adds that he feels that this kind of stuff would be better 'at home' on an FTD release. FTD will come with a statement about the book + CD project about 'That's The Way It Is' in about two or three weeks. The CD has to be representative of the movie and will contain at least one song from each of the five rehearsals, and one from each of the six shows. The upcoming FTD statement will probably also contain some details about the July 1st FTD release.
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Mar 6, 2001 

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