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Elvis' youngest step-brother, David Stanley, will be appearing on Larry King Live on Friday, 14 January 2005 at 8:00 p.m. (central) / 9:00 p.m. (eastern). The show was postponed earlier in the month due to the tsunami.
Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Jan 13, 2005 
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CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 14, 2005report abuse
I've got my copy of the DVD/CD "From The Shadow Of The King" from Elvis Unlimited and I think it's a very excellent and pro-Elvis program.
Hans Otto (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 14, 2005report abuse
Regarding "Oldie56" panegyric statement about David Stanley:
Fact is that the three Stanley brothers have all written a number of "Tell It All" books about Elvis.

They all started out co-writing "Elvis, we love you tender" with their mother, Dee. Billy then wrote "Elvis My Brother", Rick wrote "The touch of two kings"/"Growing up at Graceland" and "Caught in a Trap", and David continued with "Life With Elvis" and "The Elvis Encyclopaedia".

David was a young kid in Elvis' rock'n roll circus, got into drugs, then rehabilitated himself, got into evangelism and would (like Rick) shamelessly promote his services and religious meetings as "Elvis' brother". David is now even working on an Elvis DVD/CD project called "From The Shadows Of The King".

David, and the rest of the Stanley family, have been milking Elvis' name for every drop even before Elvis was buried. I may be sceptic, but I wouldn't be surprised if "Oldie56"s almost religious praise of "Saint David" in fact is written by one of the Stanleys themselves...
Jon Carpenter (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 14, 2005report abuse
Oh my goodness, according to the last post this guy's a saint! He never exploits his own brother ...well, goodness the apple has fallen far, far away from the tree then (from Dee Presley, who tried to gain a profit from Elvis by writing a book about him ...even though she hardly knew him)
Oldie56 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 14, 2005report abuse
Time Frames and Credentials:

At the time of Elvis' death, David was the youngest step-brother of Elvis. He was the cute then handsome blond-haired guy whose face was usually in every Elvis group-type photo in the 70's. Young girls certainly did notice him!

By every written account that I have read, David was not only the youngest of three step-brothers but a most loved and trusted friend to Elvis. He also served as a loyal employee.

You better believe he remembers the most private of details in Elvis' life! His unique role would qualify him with absolute accuracy in Elvis facts.

However, to be a family member also means to identify with a deep system of family values. This virtue is synonymous with dignity which I believe David Stanley will always possess. Don't anticipate any trash talk coming from this man in any media arena or expect him to divulge any "Presley Privacy" now or later!

Books are like the Public-Courtroom of Life; but, when a family member testifies, he or she no longer possesses honor. Throughout time and especially today, privacy and exploitation go hand-in-hand. Money-for-Privacy will always equal The Big-Screen of Life. Truth doesn't Sell and David isn't buying.

As popular as it is nowadays, no one should put life's intimate details out there in order to "Cash In". The most valued of Elvis's family will never "go there".

I hope David continues to share his fondest memories with all of us as long as he is able. We know he "lived with" and "for" Elvis. For me, this qualifies his credentials.

I would think the Elvis "Fan-Base" who have been around since the onset of our past 50-year's know what we always knew...

Elvis will be King of Rock and Roll forever.

Griff (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 13, 2005report abuse
I Enjoy David's Stories and look forward to hearing what he is doing to promote his famous Step-brother's fascinating life.
Viva (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 13, 2005report abuse
Great. I wonder which version of the story he's telling these days. He must have another book out.

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