King Idol

If you own a iPhone, you can check out the Elvis inspired game 'King Idol'. They came to LAS VEGAS in their thousands to take part in KING IDOL. Only 5 remain. Who will be crowned KING? The choice is YOURS. Enter the contest, train each contestant with your fingertips, create your own routines and send audiences wild with hysteria! Every week, one contestant is eliminated.

To make it to the end you must prove you’re a dance-floor warrior worthy of the KING. Pull off the big moves and moonwalk, step, slide, lunge, splits, 360° and 720° your way to becoming the next IDOL.

To get the nod from the Judges, a respectable score, and some respect on the dance-floor, stay with the tempo and vary your movements. Use the all the space of the stage, get under the stage lights, and always, always, please the crowd!

Become the KING of ROCK, or the KING of POP, the King of BOLLYWOOD or old-school CROONERS. Bring your own personality and become the KING your way. Parody the all-time legends with your own dance routines.

And now... It’s SHOWTIME!


Behind the Scenes:

-KING IDOL introduces a new way to play that throws away the music books: just listen to the music and follow the rhythm with your two fingertips on the screen like two feet on the dance-floor. And then, just dance! Technology does the rest. Your contestant will follow your movements in an entirely 3D environment thanks to a multi-touch screen that captures both the movement and changes in orientation of your dancing fingers.

-KING IDOL is a new event-based game format built around a SEASON of weekly events. It’s a game and a contest in which the VOTES and RESULTS of players from all over the world directly decide the outcome.

Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Jun 23, 2010 

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