Kevan Budd Returns To BMG / FTD

Kevan Budd, known for his remastering of "Elvis At SUN", "Elvis", "Elvis Presley" and "Loving You" confirmed to us that he has decided to continue working for Sony BMG and the FTD label. He will also be working on the upcoming SUN book / CD set.
Source: Kevan Budd / Updated: Mar 8, 2005 
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see see rider (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 10, 2005report abuse
this is for sidewinder, it's sad too say but, dennis ferrante has left bmg to go too work for the new jigsaw sound company.
see see rider (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 10, 2005report abuse
i had not heard of kevan budd till the dsd re-issues, which i think sound great. but i really liked dennis ferrante. dick baxter was pretty good.
dailyone (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 11, 2005report abuse
i think that jorgenson got this bloke on the cheap and he wanted him cheaper .
elvinpelvin (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 9, 2005report abuse
Whatever happened to Roger Semon? I'm sure fans remember reading his name right next to Ernst.
Sidewinder (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 9, 2005report abuse
Until all this came up I had never heard of Kevan (no direspect intended) but what I did notice over the last year of releases was that Dennis Ferrante has not been named on releases and as all the CDs that he was acknowledged on were (IMO) among the best; I wonder what has happened to him? Anybody out there help on this score?
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 9, 2005report abuse
I guess that's good news, as far as I can judge this well.
GM (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 9, 2005report abuse
Kevan, If you read this, welcome back !
glennd (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 9, 2005report abuse
Good news. Ernst, Kevin keep on working together for Elvis and his fans. I can´t wait for the next FTDs ! Give it to us straight we need it bad. TCB.
Buddy Holly (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 9, 2005report abuse
It's probably a lame comment but I'm very very very pleased to read this!! I'm especially looking forward to the Sun box set.
Pheniox (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 9, 2005report abuse
Now, no more fighting boys and get down to work, our hard earned cash is waiting.
Digger (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 8, 2005report abuse
That´s really a fantastic news! Great! and Ernst: Please give kevan Budd a little more time in the future, than just one day for remastering a whole album! :-) I´m really happy that this top engineer is back with remastering the Elvis CDs with DSD technology!
drghanem1 (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 8, 2005report abuse
Great, that´s just about the news I wanted to hear the whole week! Look forward to upcoming remasters.

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