JXL On Top Of The Tops (UK)

A No. 1 should be on the chartshow on TV, but what to do with Elvis? For the live performace show Top Of The Pops the BBC came up with the following concept. At the back of the stage there is a platform split into 5 compartments. The compartments are back lit with a screen running in front of all five. You only see these people in silhouette. In the middle compartment there is a dancer styled in a 50’s Elvis suit with guitar, he is performing some classic Elvis moves and will, in outline look like the young king. In the 2 compartments either side of Elvis are 4 young women dressed in classic 50’s clothing, again you will only see in silhouette, they will finish the 50’s look by dancing in a 50 retro style. This will not be kitsch. At the rear of the stage we’ll have JXL directly under the compartments, mixing and scratching. In front of him we’ll have 6 dancers all dressed in a contemporary style (gap meets urban). They will have subtle references to Elvis, i.e. one will have slick back hair, one might have ELVIS written in a Louis Vitton style down the leg of a pair of jeans etc. These 6 dancers will perform an dynamic, contemporary routine. This routine is for TOTP only. For CD:UK we will adapt a simple approach with contemporary dancers only.
Source: Magazines: Essential Elvis / Updated: Jun 12, 2002 
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