Julie Parrish Dies

Julie Parrish, Elvis co-star from his movie Paradise, Hawaiian Style, passed away suddenly. Julie had been successfully battling cancer for some years, but it appears she simply collapsed and was unable to be revived.
Source: Essential Elvis / Updated: Oct 3, 2003 
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tcbme (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 21, 2003report abuse
What a great loss! She will be missed. I am sure as we speak, Elvis is greeting her at those pearly gates. God bless, Julie.
Presleygirl (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 4, 2003report abuse
So sorry to hear the news of Julie Parrish! I have heard the nicest stories about what a wonderful person she was. I was hoping to meet her in Memphis someday. The world will miss you!
vegaselvisfan (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 3, 2003report abuse
i am very sad to hear of this news. i met her with deborah walley. as i became a little acquainted with them and what their lives were like off screen i was so impressed with these special women. i admire(d) them greatly. like bill said, the world lost a special person. i am glad to have met julie. aloha oe~~~
Bill E. Burk (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 3, 2003report abuse
We had the distinct pleasure of having Julie Parrish as our guest speaker at our ELVIS WORLD Lunch at Marlowe's in August 2002. During that Elvis Week, and since, both in person and via e-mails and phone conversations, I got to know Julie very well. She was a most wonderful person who made herself accessible to the Elvis fans wherever she went. Never any of that "I am a Hollywood STAR bull shit." She was readily available to take a picture with you, to autograph anything you put in front of her, or just to sit and talk and, unlike so many other "Elvis" people, she did not demand payment for all of these niceties. Like myself, she was a cancer survivor and valued every moment of Life itself. The Elvis world -- no, the world! -- will miss this wonderful human being. BILL E. BURK, Publisher, ELVIS WORLD, Memphis
Emiel Maier (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 3, 2003report abuse
This is very sad news. Julie Parrish was besides a very regular guest at Elvis Parties organised by Graceland, also a very big Elvis fan herself. I vividly remember a nice chat I had with her last year. She was selling 'her book' ("Swingin Chicks Of The Sixties") at an Elvis Disco in Tunica. She was a warm and 'real' person, and I could not help taking a liking in her. May God bless her.

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