Julian Aberbach Died

Julian Aberbach longtime Music Publishing Partner of Elvis died this week at age 95. He and his late brother Jean were music publishing dynamos. Most of the music publishing interests Elvis Presley owned were in partnership with the Aberbach brothers. EPE continues to own those interests and enjoys a close, enjoyable and successful relationship with the Aberbach family in continuing to administer that catalog of songs. Last year, Julian Aberbach celebrated his 95th birthday and his 50th wedding anniversary. At a party commemorating these milestones, Julian received a plaque from EPE that reads: To commemorate the sales of more than one billion Elvis Presley recordings from the music publishing catalogs of Julian and Jean Aberbach and the Aberbach Family since 1956. Thank you for your monumental role in bringing unforgettable words and music to a monumental voice and for being a great partner to Elvis and to us in music publishing through the years. Your impact on the Elvis phenomenon and the music industry is eternal. Presented to JULIAN ABERBACH By The Estate of Elvis Presley September 18, 2003
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: May 19, 2004 
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