Jordanaires And Sweet Inspiration On Vegas Centennial Song

Las Vegas Turns 100 Years Old. John Krondes and The Jordanaires presents the "Centennial City" with a song as a gift. Elvis composer Paul Evans and singer/songwriter John Krondes co-wrote "Vegas In The Morning" as a birthday present for the "Centennial City" Las Vegas. The previous trademark song for Las Vegas ironically was "Viva Las Vegas" performed by Elvis and the Jordanaires, the very same Jordanaires that sing with John Krondes and the Sweet Inspirations on the new Vegas Party Theme "Vegas In The Morning" some 40 years later.
Source: Google / Updated: May 10, 2005 
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Eduardo (profilecontact) wrote on May 17, 2005report abuse
elvisNEVERleftthebuilding May 17. Why don't the Jordanaires publish a book with lots of anecdotes and comments plus inside news about their working for so many years with the King in music business and history! They are very well placed to do so, because they were part of turning elvis' music into legendary and historically unequalled achievements for ages to come. They should be proudly proclaiming in the media, in all BMG music stores that they owe part of that enornous success...and refer to Elvis' impressive gold & plat record sales achievement !! Somethin' to write about, wouldn't you say so, 50,000,000 fans? Yr comments please --

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