Jordan Elvis World Hacked And Gone

On Alt Elvis King and various mesaageboards we read the sad news that the Jordans Elvis World website was hacked and corrupted. This made the webmaster, Jordan Richie decided to stop his website. The site was famous for all the audio and video files it provided to a lot of fans who did not have access to these recordings. The statement from Jordan: "I'm sorry to report that my website was hacked into (compromised) last night. All of my data was corrupted, and even with a restore of my system It is impossible to get the data back up. It was corrupted that bad. I have no other option than to close permanently. I apologize for the inconvienience this has caused. The company I used (The only one in the world that could accomodate my site affordably) has left me no other way to handle this than to terminate my account with them. I appreciate your friendship and support during the "Jordan's Elvis World" Era. Signing off... Sincerely, Jordan Ritchie" All we can add is: "Keep your head up Jordan, you have a lot of friends (on the web) who might be able to help you out."
Source: Jordan's Elvis World / Updated: Jul 8, 2003 
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