John Wilkinson Recovers In Hospital

John's wife Terry Wilkinson has just sent the following message: "John is in the hospital, and is recovering. He will be back home soon. But PLEASE: if fans want to send cards, send them to ElvisMatters and Peter will forward them to us. Please do not use our private address, but send the cards and letters to Peter only. Also, do not call as John needs all the rest he can get, but email with any questions you may have. We would kindly ask all webmasters to repost only the news on That's how we will communicate to all the fans. Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers. John is doing OK and will be back home soon."

Email cards are welcomed at Regular mail cards can be sent to: Peter Verbruggen/ElvisMatters - 140 Postelarenweg 140 - 2400 MOL - Belgium 

Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Jun 11, 2012 
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bunny-ellen (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 12, 2012report abuse
Fully agree with Otis. Already so long that we haven't heard of Gordon Stoker (strong diabetes probloems) and/or Kathy Westmoreland (strong case of elepsia)... Nobody reports, nobody asks...just Peter who is (apparently) only interested in Wilkinson's health... thanks their solid friendship. Tremendous lack of interest by Editors of this great site, indeed.
OtisBlue22 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 12, 2012report abuse
Great to hear that John is recovering! What really bugs me is the fact that this sort of news is completely absent from the official Elvis website, which also has no Elvis pictures! What sort of site is it?! A: The kind that would make Tom Parker proud—you'll have to pay for your pictures, son! The official site is targeted 100% towards selling "Elvis the product," with little concern for Elvis the man, or his music, or his bandmates for that matter. Rant over.

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