Jessica Mauboy In Australian Elvis Duet

The Australian Idol star joins Elvis for a duet of his classic Love Me Tender in a digitally remastered Australian edition of his posthumous album Viva Elvis. The album, to be released on November 5, features "reimagined" versions of Presley's hits inspired by the Vegas Cirque du Soleil show of the same name.

Mauboy, who was born 12 years after Presley died, jumped at doing the duet. "I grew up watching old Elvis movies with my sisters, so it's crazy to think I've actually done a duet with him now," Mauboy said. "His songs and voice are so amazing." The album, billed as a "21st century celebration of Elvis and his music" arrives in what would have been Presley's 75th birthday year.

Other songs reworked on the album include Blue Suede Shoes, Heartbreak Hotel, Burning Love and Can't Help Falling in Love. Pearl Jam producer Brendan O'Brien has given the first single, Suspicious Minds, a modern rock edge, while other songs have been updated with touches of everything from punk to hip-hop.

Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Oct 13, 2010 
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Dan (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 15, 2010report abuse
Tigerpawl, you are right, the songs have been reworked in the studio. They are slightly different from the ones performed "live" in the Viva Elvis show and differ from the ones we've seen on the "Miss Universe" and on other TV shows. Again, since the music IS performed live each night, they actually went into the studio and recorded "album versions" of these songs. Listen to the Live version of "Burning Love" played during the Miss Universe and listen to the sample on Amazon..very different indeed!
samcra (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 14, 2010report abuse
All the Elvis original recordings are still in place. So what is problem with a Duet/Remix ? The more people are exposed to the King's music the better. Win, win IMO.
marty (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 14, 2010report abuse
As far as I know Elvis never did a duet with Jessica Mauboy, he never recorded contemporary 21st century music etc...
That doesn't mean a duet cannot sound nice and convincing or that a remix will not bring new fans and give a refreshing new sound to an old recording. It just means it's not Elvis's music anymore. I hope at least they show some respect to the feeling Elvis tried to achive with his recordings. That's what he cared most about, how it felt not how technically perfect it was. That's why he wanted to record live in the studio... Having said that I am always curious to hear what they did with every new remix!
Jesse Garon Presley (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 14, 2010report abuse
i agree with you Steve V i like her voice too it gave me goose-bumps all over WOW
Monster (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 14, 2010report abuse
Mauboy, Mauboy! Somebody had to say it. :)
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 14, 2010report abuse
Whether it works or not is up for your own opinion, but I will say this much, this lady has a very nice voice.
Paulex (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 14, 2010report abuse
Have you seen her? I guess Elvis would have called her Jessica MyBoy MyBoy MyBoy! :-)
tigerpawl (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 14, 2010report abuse
Who? Why her? And whose idea was it to have duets on the album that is a remix. I heard the remix of Suspicious Minds in Memphis Tn at the Conversations On Elvis which was hosted by Tom Brown and it did not sound like it does now. It sounds worse. I think the remix was changed on Suspicious Minds prior to being released. Did anyone attend that event or my hearing going bad?

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