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Jerry Scheff is still working on a book and a CD. The announcement of the book is already from a while ago, but he is almost finished with his writing. If all goes well, the book will come out in 2008. The story starts on august 16, 1977 when the band members are informed that Elvis died. Then the book goes back in time at the time that Jerry was 8 years old and made his first steps in his musical career. From then on, the chapters are following his musical life in chronological order to end again on that dramatic day in august 1977. The second project, a spoken CD, will be released a lot sooner. Jerry is a very intense and interesting story teller and he wants to record some of his memories on CD. He started the recordings a while ago on his own in his home studio, but he thought that it was not interesting enough talking all alone in to the microphone. So, in a few weeks, he will do a new recording while he is telling the stories to his family members.
Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Apr 10, 2007 
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MR61 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 14, 2007report abuse
Its just like the song 10 green bottles but the other way round how many more books ?

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