Japanese Misprint

There are misprints circulating of the Japanse SHM-CD Elvis (2nd album, BVCM-34468). Both the cover and label are showing the second album, but the CD contains the first album Elvis Presley.

Source: Email / Updated: Feb 12, 2011 
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Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 15, 2011report abuse
I have once what a coffe stain, also a collector's item now..
Brian Quinn (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2011report abuse
Interesting. I suspect someone's job is now on the line because of that. I also have the 'Elvis' album on CD and the track 'Rip It Up' is listed on both cover and album as 'Rip It Up Again'. You just can't get the staff!!
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2011report abuse
I'm sure there are completist-collectors out there who will snap them up.

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