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Elvis World Japan mentions a Japanese Elvis book with the title "My Elvis Craze" which should be released this month. From the looks of the cover and link on the site this book is about the personal "Elvis Craze" of a fan. According to the information on the Japanese Amazon the book contains 47 pages and comes in a 18 by 12 centimetres size.
Source: Elvis World Japan / Updated: Apr 23, 2004 
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elvis4life (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 23, 2004report abuse
Well after receiving this book about a month or so ago, I've finally gotten around to looking at it. I can't say I actually read it, because I don't read nor speak Japanese. But here's what I can describe about it. The book's 5 X 7 inches & has 48 pages. It's written by someone named Yoko Kato. It has a color photo inside the insert [her standing in front of an Elvis statue] & another color photo on the back of the insert [her standing in front of the Graceland gates]. There's 9 black & white photos that has the following:1.Lansky's store window, 2.her standing in front
of Sun Studios, 3.the front of Graceland, 4.her standing behind Graceland, 5.the Graceland ranch, 6.Elvis' gravesite, 7.A far shot from a Greyhound station & Western Union, 8."Mud Island" [page 36] & 9.her standing in front of that no longer existing Elvis restaurant that I suddenly forgot the name offhand. The inside of the back insert has a photo of a Sun Studio ticket as well as a photo of Graceland ticket dated 7/7/2002. Although most of what's written is in Japanese, the titles of the chapters are in English & says the following:
1."The Start Of My Great Journey" [page 6], 2."From Houston To Memphis" [page 11],
3."SUN STUDIO[Elvis's First
Recording]" [page 17], 4."Now,
For Graceland" [page 21], 5."A
Break" [page 33], 6."Mud Island"
[page 37], 7."SUN STUDIO again,
And Sightseeing In Memphis" [page 38], 8."On My Way Home"
[page 45] & 9."The End Of My
Great Journey" [page 47]. Even though I can't read what's said inside, in my opinion it seems that Miss Kato has had a wonderful & pleasant time during her stay in Memphis. With shipping [from Japan to the USA]
the total comes to 2400 Japanese Yen [comes to around $22.60 in US dollars depending on the exchange rate during that day & time]. If you were in Japan & bought it there, without shipping it's 900 Japanese Yen
[that's about $8.24 US dollars].
Although the rules here say that I can't post URL's, the best way I can describe on how you can get this, is after going on Amazon Japanese link, type in "My Elvis
Craze" in the rectangular box & after you get to that link, click where it says "Display In English" & it'll take you to a partially english version of the link. When ordering, do it VERY CAREFULLY so you won't make any
errors. They even have a "Help In English" section on that site. So for those wondering what this book is like, my description was the best way that I can describe it. Hope this helps in some way.

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