Janis And Elvis Reissue

Now 50 years on from the legendary original issue, El Toro Records offers a new CD version to mark the golden anniversary of the brief union of Janis Martin and Elvis Presley, boosted with 18 additional tracks to take advantage of the CD medium. Synopsis: One of the rarest and most sought-after record releases from the last half-century of Elvis Presley collectibles, South Africa's 10" LP 'Janis and Elvis' was issued in 1958 through Teal Records, the company who had the local license to issue RCA records in South Africa at the time. The elusive original LP now commands figures in excess of $5,000. Featuring just four songs apiece from the two artists featured (the first eight tracks of this CD), the Elvis selection was inexplicably drawn entirely from his Sun recordings with Scotty Moore and Bill Black – specifically from his third and fourth Sun singles from 1955 – while Janis Martin's tracks were gleaned from her second and fourth RCA singles from 1956. Amazingly, although it had formed half of her third release, Janis's now famous early tribute to the Hillbilly Cat - 'My Boy Elvis' - was not even considered for inclusion on the LP. A sad postscript. After years out of the music scene, in recent times Janis - "The Female Elvis", as she'd been dubbed by RCA - was back in business, performing and recording a new album produced by Rosie Flores. She'd been due to appear at an Americana Festival in Britain earlier this year and then again at the Rhythm Riot, Camber Sands, this coming November. Shortly before the first event she fell ill, by late August she'd been diagnosed with terminal cancer, within two weeks she passed way on 3rd September. This CD release was of course planned long before the rapid and tragic turn of events. R.I.P. Track listing: 1. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone-Elvis 2. Ooby-Dooby-Janis 3. Milk Cow Blues Boogie-Elvis 4. Let's Elope Baby-Janis 5. Baby Let's Play House-Elvis 6. One More Year To Go-Janis 7. You're A Heartbreaker-Elvis 8. Barefoot Baby-Janis 9. Mystery Train-Elvis 10. Good Rockin' Tonight-Elvis 11. Will You, Willyum-Janis 12. Trying To Get To You-Elvis 13. I'll Never Let You Go, Little Darlin'-Elvis 14. Little Bit-Janis 15. How Do You Think I Feel?-Elvis 16. Any Way You Want Me (That's How I Will Be)-Elvis 17. Drugstore Rock And Roll-Janis 18. Paralyzed-Elvis 19. I'm Counting On You-Elvis 20. My Boy Elvis-Janis 21. Anyplace Is Paradise-Elvis 22. Playing For Keeps-Elvis 23. Little Bit-Janis [Alternative Take] 24. My Baby's Gone (I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone-Elvis [Alternative Take] 25. First In Line-Elvis 26. How's The World Treating You-Elvis
Source: HMV U.K. / Updated: Sep 29, 2007 
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Good Time Charlie (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 1, 2007report abuse
Well, El Toro is regular spanish label specialised in 1950's / Rockabilly music. They are not some 'bootleg rip-off artists' ....
TupeloJak (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 30, 2007report abuse
A-wop-bop-a-loop-bop-a-lop-bam-boom!!!....Wheeeeee..more coffee!!!
wayup (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 30, 2007report abuse
Why, oh why, I have such strong feeling that this CD is coming from the same people who are responsible for releasing most of the recent bootleg crap? Wait a minute.... I got it.... because IT IS RELEASED by these rip-off artists. And the sentence "This CD release was of course planned long before the rapid and tragic turn of events. R.I.P." is pure bullshit, except for the last word RIP. Yes, RIP-OFF again. Scavengers.
Harvey Alexander (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 30, 2007report abuse
Talk about jumping on the bandwagon! Another one of those out of copyright releases that no real collector needs because we have all of the tracks already - many times! The original LP has also been done as a 3" CD in England by other opportunist goons. The music is superb but we already have it. Those that don't should buy legitimate product that's been mastered from the original tapes. Janis Martin's Bear Family CD is what you really need. These kind of releases are only dubs from existing CDs and you could do that yourself.
Elvisnites (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 29, 2007report abuse
This should be a nice treat for someone who has never heard it. So don't disregard it. Especially the song "My Boy Elvis"

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