Jailhouse Rock 2 Next FTD classic

The next release in the classic albums series is Jailhouse Rock Volume 2. It is a 2-Disc Set in the Classic Album series (or EP in this case) that complements its previous volume. It features all the missing outtakes for 6 great songs. The 7” inch digi-pack format features a 12-page booklet with great photographs and rare memorabilia.

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eric c (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 30, 2010report abuse
can't wait for this one...his best sound-track in my mind.
Cruiser621 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 20, 2010report abuse
Finally, Volume 2 of Jailhouse Rock is to be released. I look forward to seeing exactly what is being released over 2 cd's worth of music contining the 6 actual songs. I know there's a grouping of binaural aka stereo versions available only from what I have already spread out on various cd's I've acquired, but I'm really looking forward to what I don't have on cd and I suspect there's a bunch. Love the cover on Volume 2-just like the single sleeve for Jailhouse Rock when it was originally released in 1957 (the piucture of Elvis that is).
marty (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 20, 2010report abuse
Jamie: I have to agree and disagree with you at the same time. Yes the masters are most likely the best versions of the songs, that's why the were chosen! But often the session tapes include, unreleased songs (don't forget I'm A Roustabout was lost and only survived on an acetate), slightly different versions and a chance to hear a song developing in the studio. Since Elvis won't record again, this is our only chance to hear something 'new'. An inferior but slightly different version of e.g. Long Tall Sally would be great to hear (but it probably won't happen)... And I have a much bigger list of alternate versions that I really love (and it includes You'll Never Walk Alone & Loving You).
Tony C: Can you imagine? A record company deletes their only asset, music, (as RCA did in 1959) to save money!
Jamie (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 20, 2010report abuse
Hello everyone, I was pleased to read that others here feel a sense of gratitude that so many outtakes survived for us to enjoy via BMG and FTD labels. It's an awful shame that the session reels for 'Elvis' (1956), Elvis' Christmas Album and 'King Creole' have disappeared of course. But the vast majority of Elvis's rejects really aren't as focussed and confident as the masters...and we do have those to enjoy. The curios I've really enjoyed include the 'Farm' version of 'Loving You' from 'Essential Elvis', 'You'll Never Walk Alone' from 'Platinum' and a handful of rarities from the Burbank tv special sessions 1968. As a proportion of the ocean of FTD releases they're invaluable but frankly quite few in number. Don't get too disconsolate about the lost outtakes - crank up 'Long tall Sally', 'Santa Claus Is Back In Town' and 'New Orleans' and feel alive.
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 20, 2010report abuse
You are right, Marty, this is probably the last word on unreleased fifties studio recordings. We have to count ourselves lucky that so much escaped the 1959 Spring clean of session tapes.
marty (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 20, 2010report abuse
I am looking forward to it! This is one of our last chances for new studio recordings from the '50's. Think about it... Sun Sessions unlikely (we are still waiting for the FTD book!). Elvis Presley, no (already released). Elvis (2nd album) & Hound Dog Sessions, no (most likely lost or erased). Love Me Tender, unlikely. All Shook Up & Early '57, our best chance (at least for some of the songs). Loving You, no (already released). Jailhouse Rock, yes (coming soon!). Christmas Sessions, no (probably lost). Gold Records Vol2, no (already released). King Creole, no (most likely lost). Did I forget something? I do not have a book in front of me at the moment...
TheMemphisFan (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 19, 2010report abuse
I'm looking forward to getting it!
whetherman (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 19, 2010report abuse
Orion, I'm sure they've stretched it over 2 CDs so they can jack the price up to the same as 1 Cd. Same price whether 1 or 2 Cds man. Also there may only be 6 songs but there are several different versions of them.
burton (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 19, 2010report abuse
Thanks Benny Scott, I keep watching out for it.
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 19, 2010report abuse
I bought Vol 1. That's enough JHR for me.
tornado (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 19, 2010report abuse
With Volume One, Jailhouse Rock is going to make a hell of a pair. Love the use of both EPA and Single covers here. Can't wait for it.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 19, 2010report abuse
Hi Burton, according to a Belgian fanclub, the next FTD releases are postponed.Foreseen release was end October, Now it seems it will be end November. Always El.
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 19, 2010report abuse
Really looking forward to this release, though I wonder what will be on it (like Steve V). This one I will surely buy!
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 18, 2010report abuse
Interesting that it is 2 discs. I hope its not like the Loving You FTD with 40 plus outtakes of one song, like say Young & Beautiful (a song that I love by the way) With 6 songs from the movie what else could it be but take after take after take. Now if they were all very different that would be nice! Since I am a big 50's fan, I will be curious for sure.
Orion (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 18, 2010report abuse
I never dreamed that this would be a two-disc set.... I just hope it's not two 40 minute discs to jack up the price when they could've put it all on a single disc. Can there really be enough material to fill two more discs ? Can't wait to see the track listing.
burton (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 18, 2010report abuse
What date is it being released?
Pietro S (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 18, 2010report abuse
HangLoose: How can you judge the artwork by this small picture? Or have you seen larger one? If you don't like it, don't buy it! I'm thrilled about this release, as JRv1 was my first FTD ever. Since the last's year release I was craving for the second volume. And finally, after a year of waiting (and a couple of FTDs more), my dream is gonna become true! Can't pass it by any chance!!!
Henryk (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 18, 2010report abuse
To HangLoose:

Why are copying what I said on FECC about the artwork ("Too much retouching and coloring. Elvis's eyes are unnaturally blue, his hair looks gray at the temples, his teeth are economy-bluish, and his left hand suffers from a bad case of jaundice.") and make it look as if these were your own words??? It's called plagarism. If you can't come up with anything on your own do not post any replies at all!!!
jones (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 18, 2010
Invisible because there were too many capitals in the text
HangLoose (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 18, 2010report abuse
Something went horribly wrong with the colouring on this FTD, what the hell happened there!!?? It happened in case of the back cover for "JR, Vol. 1",too. Too much retouching and coloring. Elvis's eyes are unnaturally blue, his hair looks gray at the temples, his teeth are economy-bluish, and his left hand suffers from a bad case of jaundice. Bad photoshop job. Is it what we deserve for our hard earned money? Or they just don't care? They get their money anything they do after all... They simply don't care to improve anything. The spirit of the Colonel is well and alive...
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 18, 2010report abuse
What a great cover, who would have thought that enough material from "Jailhouse Rock" would exist to fill four CDs. While we mourn the loss of many other session tapes, we should be equally grateful that so much still exists and has been released.

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