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A Twenty tracks compilation entitled "Rock And Roll Days" was released August 28, 2008 on the Smith & Co. label on iTunes.

A new iTunes compilation album release on the Delta label is the 20 tracks set "The King's Greatest Hits" which was released September 16, 2008.

Also released through iTunes is the CD "The Movies" with seventeen tracks from the movies "Love Me Tender", "Loving You" and "Jailhouse Rock". This has january 2008 as the release date but only showed up on iTunes this week. Released on same day on the Copyright label are the three compilations "The Way It Was- First In Line", The Way It Was - I Want To Be Free" and "The Way It Was - I Was The One". All three compilations contain over twenty tracks.
Source: iTunes / Updated: Sep 20, 2008 
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Lou A (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 20, 2008report abuse
Are these download releases, or actual CD's? If they are actual CD's who sells them? I'm not familiar with Smith and Company. Just curious.

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