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The UK music chain HMV will release the DVD "It Happened At The Worlds Fair" as an HMV exclusive on the Label: WHV label on 25th January 2005. It seems like copyright problems that prevented an earlier release of this DVD in the UK have been solved. The DVD is available for pre-order from HMV.
Source: HMV U.K. / Updated: Dec 26, 2004 
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Rusty (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 19, 2005report abuse
The four films that Jacqui mentioned are not released yet, not even in the States These are the last four not released yet in the world, I am not including the documentaries 'Elvis On Tour' and 'This Is Elvis'
Jacqui (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 9, 2005report abuse
Great, at last a dvd version of a great film. Thank goodness for HMV. Has anyone been able to get a dvd version of Follow that Dream. I know that it is available in Japan, but what about Europe. I am having difficulty in finding one or two of Elvis' films, eg Girl Happy, Tickle Me, Stay Away Joe and Live a Little, Love a Little. Can anyone suggest where I might obtain these on dvd.
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 28, 2004report abuse
At last here in the uk they are going to release It happened at the worlds fair. I cant wait to get this as its one of my favourite Elvis films. Anyone know when Tickle me will be released on dvd as i think i have worn out my video of this film ?
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 28, 2004report abuse
Elvis Presley made many Great Superb movies and some not so great movies plus some very poor movies, but they all are extremely entertaining & I Thank GOD that At least we have all the 33 movies. Elvis looks great and sings great in many of them.Elvis movies have that special charm and magic & I just loved and enjoyed them all. Here are my favorites King Creole / Jailhouse Rock / GI Blues / Blue Hawaii / Flaming Star / Kid Galahad / Fun in Acapulco / Tickle Me / Viva Las Vegas / Loving You / Girls!Girls!Girls / Change Of Habit and Girl Happy.
Elvos (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 27, 2004report abuse
What also can be said is:To those who want to be negative, get real. Quote:/ There was and is alot of negative views about Elvis's movies. If you dont like them is your problem but be tolerant of other people's views../end of quote
The people who want to be and are positive about Elvis movies can have their say too...Overall in my opinion Elvis films are underrated...Maybe those negative people can't see the fun of such an movie ,because they don't have that much fun..But then again they can have their say too!! Have Fun (in acapulco?;-)
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 27, 2004report abuse
To those who want to be positive, get real. There was and is alot of negative views about Elvis's movies. If you dont like them that is your problem but be tolerant of other people's views.
Sean Ryan (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 27, 2004report abuse
So pleased this is coming out on DVD.Unlike some people I love all of Elvis's films,they were fun ,fun, fun. Certainly wouldnt call this film shallow like Eddie has.If Eddie thinks this is shallow thats just his opinion and should keep his negative views to himself. Whats the point in saying that?? If it wasnt for the films Elvis made in the 60's there wouldnt be much film footage we have now to look at. This is certainly the type of Elvis film i love, great songs,great fight scenes,fantatic location and Elvis looking awesome.
Miss Clawdy (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 27, 2004report abuse
Entertaining people, that was the target for Elvis. Maybe not the kind of film, Elvis would have liked to do in first place, still a very entertaining piece of cult. And it's the equivalent to todays video clips, that made Elvis known on the whole planet. I would miss it, if it wasn't there.
Every film, refreshed and modernised, made available to new media is an additional item for the full picture of Elvis to future fans. No matter, what kind of demand a fan has to Elvis, these films are good, because Elvis was in it! Singing, moving, laughing, looking gorgeous. The songs are classics. It's family entertainment. We all can be proud of Elvis!
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 27, 2004report abuse
Easily pleased. Another shallow movie. I will agree however about the songs. But definately a B movie making Elvis another 500,000 dollars.
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 27, 2004report abuse
This is one of Elvis rarest movie. VHS copies sold for US$100 on acution sites a few years ago. At last we get this in Perfect DVD Quality. Elvis looks real cool in this very entertaining musical/drama. It has some reallly great songs like One Broken Heart For Sale, I'm Falling In Love Tonight and They Remind Me Too Much Of You., plus lots of fierce fight scenes. Definately one of the better Elvis Movie Classic.Go grab your copy today.

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