Interesting CDR

This release is a little special as it contains all the takes for U.S Male for the first time on CD. Also all the tracks are in excellent sound quality, compared to previous CD releases. Normally we avoid CDR's, but since it is very quiet at the moment with interesting bootlegs and hard core collectors might want to have this to make things more complete. Some of the takes have been around for a while on the audio circuit but nothing compared to this little gem, there are a number of takes still unreleased too, so we are treated to an upgrade in sound and have all possible takes compiled in order. Track listing: Guitar Man - (takes 1 - 6,10,12); Going Home - (take 16-26,30); Stay Away - (takes 1-4,6-9,11-15); U.S Male - (take 1) ; Wings Of An Angel (short jam); U.S Male - (takes 2-12)
Source: Elvis Tapes / Updated: Feb 14, 2002 
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