Inside Love Me Tender

Elvis Unlimited announced their next book. Together with Ger Rijff Elvis Unlimited started work on the book "Inside Love Me Tender". They could use your help, if you have any interesting memorabilia from that movie, they would be very interested to hear from you at
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baggypants (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 30, 2007report abuse
whats your frikkin problem, Tony? Trying to spit your poison on this project a 2nd time, on another well read site? You are so shortsighted. If you could only see a glimpse of the material lined up for Inside LMT you wouldnt make such an arse of yourself on the various sites. Man, dodos like you really make me puke.
japio (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 27, 2007report abuse
I have the other `insides` boxsets.It´s really great. But the dvd is much too short. I hope they have more great footage for the new project
baggypants (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 27, 2007report abuse
Nearly all photos available from LMT were featured in Elvis In Hollywood, Tony? Man, you havent got a clue whats available on this movie. Hundreds and Hundreds on and off the set pictures have turned up in the 80s. Including rare color shots. Add to these a truckload of original US and UK magazine articles from 56/57, rare record issues, demos,EP Enterprises memorabillia, pages from the original script, and lots more, dear Tony. I can already picture your question posted here, and on other mb's, the minute this new book will become available: "Any pictures not printed before ? If not,I wont bother..." "Classic" Tony Dobb lines, posted on just about every photo book that has gone on sale, in the last so many years... Boring, very boring, Tony.
Tony D. (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 27, 2007report abuse
This film has already been coved in a book called "Elvis in Hollywood" by Steve Pond. It's hard to see if any different pictures from this era can be found, as they were nearly all in this book, with more appearing in the photo gallery on the 50th aniversary dvd.
Duncs (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 27, 2007report abuse
Over to you Chris !!! I just love these books
baggypants (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 27, 2007report abuse
Ger Rijff?! Man, he's my hero when it comes to 50s photo books. Have 'm all! All 6 of 'm...
Scott Walker (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 27, 2007report abuse
It sure does. If it's as good as Rijff's previous "Inside" books, we're in for a real treat -- they are classics. I don't have Elvis Unlimited's two "Inside" books, but I've heard that these are high-quality productions too. So bring it on!
June (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 26, 2007report abuse
Sounds good.........

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