In The Shadow Of A Legend

This release is a 12 track talking only CD wrapped in a dig pack with a 1977 photograph on the cover on which Elvis is looking at the classic "Presley family photo". The CD contains conversations on Elvis relation with his parents from various persons. You can hear a recordings from 1956 until 1977, including a very touching recording of Vernon talking on the telephone on August 16, 1977 - only hours after the body of his son Elvis was discovered. Vernon is clearly still in a shock, as he recounts the final days of Elvis' life. He talks about his son's health condition at the time of his death, the last time they talked together, Elvis' girlfriend Ginger, and the discovery of Elvis' body and the attempts to revive him. Other recordings on this release include Elvis talking about his parents and his love for them, Vernon discussing Elvis' life and career, Gladys choosing her favorite Elvis songs, Vernon being introduced from the stage by his son (1975), and more. As a special bonus, two private telephone conversations between Elvis and friends are included.
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Mar 4, 2001 
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