I Gotta Know

Rockwell will release another vinyl album entitle I Gotta Know.

Side 1: Fever - Like A Baby - I Will Be Home Again - The Thrill Of Your Love - Dirty Dirty Feeling - The Girl Of My Best Friend

Side 2: I Gotta Know - Girl Next Door Went A Walking - Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Reconsider Baby - Such A Night - It’s Now Or Never

Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Updated: Aug 3, 2011 
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Great Dane (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 9, 2011report abuse
Nice, i don't like the sound of CD i have never bought an original album on CD,i still play my vinyl albums. The only CD's i have are all the FTD's. I even bought Viva Elvis on vinyl. And even that album sounds better on mine Technics SL-1210 than the CD. Vinyl forever.
dgirl (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2011report abuse
The CD is dead. I heard some artists now will only make their next release available on download or vinyl! Not sure if this is a fad or not but an LP like this is strictly made to cash in on the vinyl craze and get the hard core Elvis collector to purchase it because they must have everthing. I agree with Andy, put the original LP back out on vinyl then. This constant repackaging is getting out of hand and diminishes how these songs were meant to be presented.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2011report abuse
First of all : we're talking about vinyl here, NOT CDs. Secondly : there's a real revival of vinyl going on right now, in any case in a large part of Europe, don't know about the USA. My grandson of 19 years old is buying vinyl records for some time now. Maybe it's a flash in the pan but in the meantime turntables are sold again regularly.A lot of my friends sold all their records and turntable(s) a long time ago but now tell me they regret having done so .Stores like Saturn,Media Markt, Free Record Shop are selling vinyl again, offering a rather large choice.Thirthly : many vinyl-lovers , more than you should think, still cherish their collection, PLAY their records and are looking for 33s and 45s at record fairs (yes, they still excist and are very succesful). Agreed that this release probably will not be bought by non-Elvis fans, but what about the ones who missed some original vinyl releases ? I won't buy it personally 'cause I have all the originals on vinyl and CD, but I think this release is not useless at all and will be welcomed by a (restricted) number of fans. Just my opinion. Always El.
1 BILLION SOLD (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2011report abuse
I am torn because I agree w both Andy & Tony but I still like to see something new and cool for sale that is Elvis--just makes me feel good when I own it too! Sorry, can't help it! LOL!
Andy_2 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 5, 2011report abuse
Tony, i didn't trash it i just think it's pointless. When you bought your first LP i bet there wasn't anywhere near the amount of stuff to choose from as there is now. You want the majority of these songs then buy Elvis is Back. You want Are you lonesome tonight buy then take your pick from hundreds of cd's that have that track on. No other artist has a constant stream of the same thing packaged in a different way. It's overkill and does his credibility no good. I would love the world to know about how good Elvis is back is but the general public probably couldn't name an elvis album unlike the beatles for example. Why would they ever need to buy it when the songs appear on countless other cd's. In the long run i don'r believe it does any good to his legacy and that is why i don't like these releases. Apart from that how can you all aford to buy the same thing over and over again these days.
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 5, 2011report abuse
Right, Andy, I will get real. The majority of us here were not Elvis fans when we bought our first LP. Does that make sense or does it need further explanation? I cannot understand why some people here trash everything released or see the damage which is said to be done by constantly repackaging his music catalogue.
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 5, 2011report abuse
My granny loves Elvis and still plays it. She's right for doing that considering the trash the play nowadays on the many radio stations..
Michael.W. (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 4, 2011report abuse
Hi Monster, i do hope the old granny out there will not try to play this VINYL LP in her car;-)!
Monster (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 4, 2011report abuse
How many people on this forum became Elvis fans because they happened to stumble across an old Camden lp in their parents' collection and heard something they loved and needed to hear more of this guy Elvis? Somewhere soon, out there in the big bad world an old granny is going to pick this CD up for a fiver cos she likes Are You Lonesome Tonight. She's going to have it playing in the car cos there's nothing on the radio she likes as she heads to the bingo to fritter away her pension. But she'll also have it playing when she takes her grandkids out for the day and those grandkids will wonder who that is singing Reconsider Baby or Such a night. Not many people under 20 listen to the kind of stations Elvis gets played on and thery need to know that there was so much more to him than Teddy Bear and Hound Dog. Albums like these do the trick so I for one give it a big thumbs up. Ain't gonna buy it though - my granny's dead and my kids are too young to know the difference between the king of rock and roll and that plonker off Fireman Sam.
drjohncarpenter0117 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 4, 2011report abuse
These often are 'Limited Editons' and apart from some real stunning covers,different coloured vinyl etc offer nothing new song wise.Purely for the collector and not general release and at £19.99 upwards not at all cheap, still up to any fan who wants to go down the 'Rockwell Rd' i am sure in years to come will make a nice addition to your collection.
al shookup (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 4, 2011report abuse
Totally agree ...Andy-C
Andy_2 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 3, 2011report abuse
but this has no interest to people outside the Elvis world. It's a pointless release yet again unless fans now buy these things because they have a good picture on the cover. Tony are you seriously telling me that this could be bought by non fans. Get real.
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 3, 2011report abuse
There are no doubt millions of people around the world who do not have these recordings, although I am afraid I do not have a list of their names. Some assume that the world does not extend beyond the Elvis world.
Andy_2 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 3, 2011report abuse
i like the cover too and the songs are superb so i don't get your point.
Deke Rivers 6 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 3, 2011report abuse
Yes we all have the original "Elvis Is Back", but I like the cover. You know where Morrisey got his look from. 10 stars for the song 20 for the LP.
Andy_2 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 3, 2011report abuse
tell me, who doesn't already have these recordings. You really have more money than sense if you keep on buying this stuff.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 3, 2011report abuse
Why not ? Always El.
Andy_2 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 3, 2011report abuse

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