Heritage Auction Results

The last entertainment auction with Heritage contained 15 Elvis (related) items. The top 3 of most expensive items:

1. Elvis Presley Commissioned Ten Outstanding Young Men of America Award Watch With Autographed Program Book and Photo, sold for $14,340 (€10.504)

2. Elvis Presley's Black Star Sapphire Ring, sold for $13,145 (€9.625)

3. Elvis Presley Limited Edition Martin D-28 Acoustic Guitar. Number 138 in a very limited edition of only 175 produced, sold for $5.078 (€3.719)

Side note with the sapphire ring: this jewel was sold during the 'Gotta Have Rock and Roll' auction in August 2009 for $18,236. This ring was now sold with 'Heritage' (the certificate of the previous auction is included) for 'only' $13,145. The previous owner sold the item 1,5 year later and lost $5,000 with this sale... 

Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Feb 24, 2011 
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Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 24, 2011report abuse
Oh how I wish I didn't spend all my cash on Tunzi..

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