Help Junkie XL!

JXL's live gear has been stolen from his studio in Amsterdam, only two days before his grand performance at the Dutch Dimension-event at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam! Under these sad circumstances the event has been cancelled. It is not clear how Junkie XL's gear has been stolen, but we're asking all music lovers and Junkie XL-fans in Holland and around the world to look out for the following gear: Akai MPC 4000 in a rugged case (Nook), Yamaha AW 4416 (power button is missing and the red master fader is loose), also in a rugged case (Nook), MPC 2000 XL (the power button is missing) and a black hardbag with cables and feeding (plastered with a Soulfly-sticker). For the person who can lead to the stolen gear a reward of € 2500,- is offered. Please mail all information to:
Source: JXL / Updated: Nov 21, 2002 
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