Hawaii: For God And Country Delayed

A short press release from the producers:

"The release of "Elvis: Hawaii, For God And Country" will be delayed until April, as we have uncovered even more rare material!

We want to be sure our high-quality release is as complete as possible. As a newcomer, we know one may only make a good first impression once. "

Source: Email / Updated: Mar 7, 2012 
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John Burrows (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 7, 2012report abuse
I suppose they have to wait for the MRS release so they can take the extra performance photographs. Only Tunzi has the originals of those shots and since he is working with MRS, this crowd will have to take them directly from the Tunzi book. As for the sound, with the samples we have heard from MRS, all the dropouts are gone so I suppose they need those as well. As read on the Ernst interview in TMAHM this crowd samples were rejected. Come on MRS, I cant wait.

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