Harry Levitch Died

Last weekend Harry Levitch died. He was the jeweler who created the TCB necklace and rings. He also made Elvis' and Priscilla's wedding rings.
Source: Elvis Presley Superstar / Updated: Sep 4, 2003 
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Bill E. Burk (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 3, 2003report abuse
Harry Levitch, who made the wedding rings for Elvis and Priscilla (as well as for me and my Danish wife, Connie), was one of the most philanthrophic people I have ever known, but unlike most of the others, much of Harry's philanthrophy was behind the scenes -- private, or one on one. For many years, Levitch, who grew up in the poor Humes High School area of north Memphis, had a special fund set up, available through the Humes school principal, that would pay for new shoes for any needy student at Humes. At least one of Elvis' Memphis Mafia guys, if not Elvis himself, was a recipient of his "new shoes" policy. He was one of our city's biggest fundraisers for charitable causes. And when Elvis fans dropped by, no matter how busy he was, Harry found time to visit with them and talk Elvis. Our November issue of ELVIS WORLD (#70) is being dedicated to Harry, just as a previous edition was dedicated to his late wife, Frances, who died about five years ago. BILL E. BURK, Memphis

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