Graceland Sued For 130 Million $US

A Swedish woman who for more than two decades has been trying to convince everyone that she's Elvis Presley's real daughter and that Lisa Marie Presley has stolen her identity, has filed a lawsuit against the Presley family claiming more than $130 million in damages for defamation and infliction of emotional distress. Lisa Johansen gained some notoriety after publishing in 1998 a memoir entitled, I, Lisa Marie: The True Story of Elvis Presley's Real Daughter.

In the book, she told the story of how after Elvis died in 1977, Priscilla Presley left America while fearing for her daughter's safety. Forced to assume a new identity for her own protection, Johansen says she struggled to reclaim her name and heritage. To show she's the rightful heir of the huge Presley estate, Johansen also reportedly pointed to some evidence, such as a skull and face analysis of Lisa Marie Presley.

At the time of the book's publishing, the odd story gained some press attention, but it quickly lost its luster after Johansen reportedly refused to take a DNA test. In 2000, the Texas-based publisher of I, Lisa Marie, which had given her a $200,000 advance to write the book, sued her for $50 million for damaging sales of the book.

Johansen became mostly forgotten, subject to occasional Internet rumors, but she hasn't backed off of her claims. Recently, she's pressed authorities in the UK to investigate possible identity theft, and a few months ago, on the anniversary of Elvis' death, she showed up at Graceland and had conversations with some of the staff.

This led the Presley family to reach out to Marty Singer, the pitbull Hollywood attorney, who in August fired off a warning letter to Johansen's representatives. In the letter, Singer advised that the "malicious false claims and offensive wrongful conduct" of Johansen would no longer be tolerated and that it would lead to action if the woman didn't restrain herself.

So Johansen reacted by filing her own lawsuit a week ago in Tennessee federal court against the Presley estate. The woman says that the family has been attempting to intimidate her and has been spreading lies about her. She says that she went to Graceland by invitation and that the defendants are attempting to harass her away from her claims.

Meanwhile, the whole bizarre mystery might be put to rest soon enough. According to one of documents she submitted in this case, Johansen consented to a DNA test from London authorities in 2010. 

Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Nov 30, 2011 
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Nimy (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 15, 2011report abuse
A new story for " In Plain Sight " serial.
Jamie (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 4, 2011report abuse
Hello, this latest attempt at financial exploitation adds to the long list of sacrifices in good taste and dignity that were the flip side to Elvis's success. To say that this woman can go to hell would be an understatement.
GEORGE (GK) (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 2, 2011report abuse
When this girl loses her court case, Graceland should sue her ! So many wannabes !!
Lefty (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 1, 2011report abuse
Unfortunately, it's not illegal to be crazy in the United States. This woman is obviously a few clowns short of a circus. The whole story is so bizarre, who could possibly believe it? What's even worse is that she is going to tie up Federal Court with this nonsense. If the judge has an ounce of brain cells between his ears, he'll toss this out of court in a hurry.
FLASHBOY (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 1, 2011report abuse
The world will always have nut's walking around Elvis! Look at Lisa marie's face she have a lot of her father. Johansen need a good doctor and a lot of pills!
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2011report abuse
If her father were P.J. Proby, she would have trouble getting any money out of him. He is currently awaiting trial for benefit fraud, accused of cheating UK tax payers out of £47,000. He says that he now hates the UK and wants to leave, if only, I say!
Orion (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2011report abuse
Yes, I read that her mother claimed to have become pregnant after Elvis' highly successful tour of Sweden in 196 - ah, forget it that was P.J. Proby.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2011report abuse
People are high if they believe this
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2011report abuse
I hope that EPE counter sue her and take her for every penny she has, including everything she owns and manages to get a gagging order stopping her speaking such absolute rubbish. The authorities have stretched resources and have no time to investigate such absurd claims. I wonder if any of the EPE haters here will defend her? Surely not, but maybe somebody will.
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2011report abuse
I saw several picture of that woman and she indded looks very much like Elvis... Elvis Costello that is..
Johnny2523 (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2011report abuse
This woman is really nutty? We all know that the lisa marie we know is lisa marie herself! u can see elvis in her a whole lot! i really hate those ppl who try to get anything off of elvis. maybe this lawsuit is because she starting to get afraid?
to be honest i saw pictures of this woman and she aint lisa marie u can tell. Hope this will stop soon. and how hurting this is for lisa herself. she still loves her father and then to get this against her. Lisa i hope you doin fine. Lisa Johanson aint u. Always E

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