Graceland Goes Red For Women

Graceland/EPE is supporting the American Heart Association and their current Go Red For Women campaign to raise awareness of issues concerning women and cardiovascular disease. From February 2 through February 4, the white lights and that illuminate the Graceland Mansion façade will be covered with red gels. On the GracelandCam you can have a look. (Hit "Refresh" to update the GracelandCam images.)
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Jan 31, 2005 
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Viva (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 1, 2005report abuse
I can't help but view anything EPE does these days as a cynical PR exercise. This is just a means of trying to present to the public that they are not the nasty corporate bully boys they're made out to be, but us Elvis fans know better don't we?
Teacher (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 1, 2005report abuse
EPE is not alone in this campaign. Several other US landmarks are also sporting red lights. Niagara Falls, Washington Monument, Seattle Space Needle, Ben Franklin Bridge, Pittsbury Airport, King of Prussia Mall, American Airlines Center, Macy's Jumbotron-Times Square, Hollywood and Highland Retail and Entertainment Center.
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 1, 2005report abuse
Have EPE donated any money ? I cant see the point in changing Graceland to red how is that going to help womens issues and health ? Probably a publicity stunt and i agree Todd with your comments ! They should start supporting Elvis in other countrys instead. Is that to much to ask ? Probably
SendToTodd (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 1, 2005report abuse
Have you noticed that whenever EPE "do" anything it's all about "Graceland" - it rarely has any connection with Elvis. So what if Graceland Goes Red - they are in the red to the tune of $20,000,000 so what price a few extra bulbs?
Todd Slaughter
Cro@kie (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 1, 2005report abuse
I'm not quite sure that women need the help of EPE to go red...
glennd (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 1, 2005report abuse
That´s great. But they should support Elvis also around the world. They should release the single box without a limited edition so the singles are available for Joe public also and they get higher in the charts, maybe #1 ?!? TCB.
Justtcb (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 31, 2005report abuse
it's a very postive thing that graceland/EPE is doing to raise awareness of such important things as women's issues and health. the estate being put to good use once again.
Viva (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 31, 2005report abuse
It's a pity they don't support Elvis in the UK.

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