German Edition Elvis A Presley Music, Man, Myth

The Dutch book "Elvis A. Presley- Muziek, Mens, Mythe" and it's French version "Elvis A.Presley- Musique et vie cún Mythe" (Elvis A Presley Music, Man, Myth), by Marc Hendrickx will be translated in a third language, German. This book is a real Elvis bible. It weights over 2 kilo and contains well over 600 pages. The book will be published Germany November 2002 with the title "Die Musik, der Mensch, der Mythos". This edition will be completely updated both on the outside (cover) and the inside (up to 2001). As a possible bonus there will be an update on the concert list. There will be two editions a normal version (Euro 65) and the luxury version (Euro 100).
Source: Marc Hendrickx' website / Updated: Jun 2, 2002 
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