FTDs Deleted

Two more FTD titles are deleted: Nashville Marathon and Studio B.

Source: Elvis Australia / Updated: Feb 2, 2010 
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John4126 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2010report abuse
Some of us dont even want the CD's. I want to be able to download the tracks i want. I have all the recording information i need in books and dont need to see the same pics over and over again.
KTemple (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 9, 2010report abuse
mature elvis fan 75- come on "now you have to buy what you have and do that many times over"???, Last time I checked no one was holding a gun to your head to buy an FTD. Would you rather FTD stopped altogether? At least with the 7" classic album releases we get some additional information unlike the regular releases where the info is minimal. Nevertheless there is a place for it all, you dont have to buy them if you already have the material on other releases. Power of choice is a great thing.
dgirl (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2010report abuse
I agree with Steve V and some others about liking the way FTD started out (bought em all back then) but now can live without oversized CD packages and bloated classic album series. To me, storage space is important, I dont want my CDs this size. I want the classic albums in stores where they belong and FTD to be unique & special like they used to be. I know many dont feel this way but 7 inch 45 RPMS are classic and I have them all stored in special places. My CDs dont belong with them. And of course I am not a fan of buying the same songs over again in a different package (at 30 plus dollars!) , although FTD knows many Elvis fans dont care about doing that at all.
MJB63 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2010report abuse
circleG you are right.I love the 7"gatefold classic albums.The fact that they look like a record from back in the day is there greatest appeal.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2010report abuse
Oh Yes steve, i also remember when Ftd was fun,then came the mighty classic albums series, i myself dont collect records, and even if i did, i dont want my cd's put into a an oversized case!Many of the soundtracks have no place being put out again,Ftd was fun when they put out the best of the best outtakes from lets say the movies,now you have to buy what you have and do that many times over,i will never understand the logic for this besides money! But i made the decision that most Ftds i can live without,many love everything Ftd,im just not one of them!

So many would ask what would you do if you ran Ftd,first with the movie soundtracks being put back into the market,id go back to the outtake cd's,this would include movie and also regular studio albums, and id not put the releases in digi packs,id have the releases in jewel cases and include informative liner notes! When it comes to the soundboards,i would not release crap,if you like to listen to someone who is clearly not all there,and sounds unhappy,then i have to wonder why you enjoy that! Theres many other concerts to choose from!

When it comes to the multi track shows id release them,the on tour shows have a presley still with some energy,and they have great sound quality,again these releases would come in a jewel case with informative info! To me a soundboard and a bored Elvis are a terriable mix and dont deserve $30plus! Back to the studio sessions,I simply dont like buying what i have,it also makes cd's like A hundren years from now and Ftd's own Nashville marathon loose some of there luster!
Oh did i mention i hate the classic albums,i hate that i have to find a speical place for them and i hate that Ftd decided to give you nothing when it comes to releases like The wonder of you,and i want go into the cd titles,they are the least important but still shows the lack of effort!

All in all Ftd wont be what id like it to be or feel it should be,it will continue to be about quanity and not quality! In my view just release the multitrack shows and leave the soundboards to the importers aka bootleggers,they actuallyl ook like cd's id buy off of store shelfs while many Ftd have that heres a cd we thrown together look! The next Ftd i will buy will be an On Tour show! Too bad the classic series killed the outtake only releases!
circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2010report abuse
shame the burbank Cd is deleted as this was more complete ( there's that word again that FTD loves so much!) than the comeback special edition. thats why i think the bootleggers have the edge on Sony, they will produce a Cd complete and unedited. These type of FTD products that focus on a particular event or session should be available to fans at all times but I can understand cd's that are deleted when most tracks appear on the classic album range. I like 7" gatefold, it really does have a classic feel to it and the photos and information are reproduced better than they would be in standard Cd. I made a special shelf for my collection, looks great!
SnOwMan (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2010report abuse
MJB63: The previous FTD's were deleted because they sold all copies and they knew that it's not worth to reprint them because nobody would buy them. The same songs are available on other FTD's. "to make them a collector's item"??? Ha-ha,these CD's will never be a collector's item because they were pressed in about 8000-10.000 copies and have been available for about 10 years. There are rare bootleg CD's which were pressed in 500-1000 copies,but the FTD's are far from rare.
MJB63 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2010report abuse
Eventually more and more FTD's will be deleted, to make them a collector's item.My guess is Burbank 68 and Jungle Room Sessions would be next.It may not be good news but if you have them great,if you don't...oh well that's the way it is.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 4, 2010report abuse
These were the types of releases that put FTD on the map and made me a fan of the label. Now, I guess they are not really needed with the classic albums and such. But I wished the albums would have stayed in print (why werent they?) and FTD would have just kept putting out these types of releases. Not a fan of the 7 inch format classics and buying the same songs over again just for a few more outtakes.
Linda Kovalcik (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 4, 2010report abuse
Not a big loss. These are rip-off releases from Ernst Jorgensen's underwear and i'm glad that these will be deleted.
Santa Claus (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2010report abuse
Haven't compared it yet, but I think the takes are now available mostly on the "Classic Albums".
pauluk (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2010report abuse
I can't believe this.
Sundial77 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 2, 2010report abuse
WHY?? These two are among the best they send out and now they're deleting them. To me the stuff on Nashville Marathon is why i buy the FTD's!!!

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