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Roger Semon, one of the two producers behind the Follow hat Dream Collector's label, stated that the vinyl releases of "Blue Hawaii" and "Standing Room Only" will be released as planned. That means orders reached the minimum 1500 units required.

First up, due late March, FTD will release "Blue Hawaii" as a special Limited Edition 2-disc 180-gram vinyl set late March 2009. Supplied in a new gatefold sleeve, the original release is complemented by a special soundtrack companion album featuring many stereo outtakes not previously available on this format.

Roger Semon said: "Yes, the vinyl will be available. Production is an education for me as it's taking so long. Hope to ship late March or early April". 


LP 1 - The Original Release

Side 1

1. Blue Hawaii

2. Almost Always True

3. Aloha Oe

4. No More

5. Can't Help Falling In Love

6. Rock-A-Hula Baby

7. Moon¬light Swim

Side 2

08. Ku-U-I-Po

09. Ito Eats

10. Slicin' Sand

11. Hawaiian Sunset

12. Beach Boy Blues

13. Island Of Love

14. Hawaiian Wedding Song

LP 2 - The Companion Disc

Side 1

01. Steppin' Out of Line (movie version)

02. Beach Boy Blues (movie version)

03. Can't Help Falling in Love (movie version)

04. Blue Hawaii (Takes 1,2,3)

05. Almost Always True (Takes 2,5)

06. Aloha Oe (section 2, Takes 6, 7/5 )

07. No More (Takes 2,8*)

08. Rock-a-hula Baby (Takes 1,2,3)

09. Moonlight Swim (Take 2)

Side 2

01. Can't Help Falling in Love (Take 13)

02. No More (Take 11)

03. Ku-u-i-po (Takes 4,5)

04. Slicin' Sand (Takes 1,8,14)

05. Hawaiian Sunset (Take 2)

06. Steppin' Out of Line (Takes 4,5,15)

07. Island of Love (Takes 7,8)

08. Hawaiian Wedding Song (Take 1)

Source: Elvis Australia / Updated: Mar 12, 2009 
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