FTD Top 40 June 2013

There were no changes in the top 5. The recent From Elvis In Memphis is already in the top 30.

The current top 5 (compared to March 2013):

1 (1) Promised Land (2011)
2 (2) Elvis Is Back! (2005)
3 (3) Good Times (2009)
4 (4) That's The Way It Is (2008)
5 (5) Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old) (2008)

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Promised Land  Good Times That's The Way It is Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis 

Source: FTD Top 40 / Updated: Jul 1, 2013 
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Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 2, 2013report abuse
I thought movie soundtracks were more popular?..
Gorse (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 2, 2013report abuse
Yes Natha I totally agree with you, and that is why on different posts I have called him the decathlete champion of music. Not necessarily the best in any musical genre, but put them all together and you have 'gold'.
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 1, 2013report abuse
Mine are all early albums. So, Pieter, obviously thare are more fans of later years on this site.(smile) Hence I say that he was the king of music, because he was versatile on every field of popular music (so not necessarily the best in every field, mind you)
Pieter (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 1, 2013report abuse
The king of rock 'n roll, and just one 50's release in our top ten! (?)

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