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In opposite to what another website, that is ahead in time, but not that much, mentions FTD announced another release for May 1st, 2002. The release will honour the 25th anniversary of the tours. This is the complete announcement by Follow That Dream: We have been carefully following the discussions on the many Elvis web-sites, both in relation to direct proposals for FOLLOW THAT DREAM, as well as people's hopes for this summer's RCA release "Today, Tomorrow And Forever". It's important for us to understand the many different wishes from the fans and react as much as we can. We are off course limited by what we have, and many of you already know that a lot of early Presley tapes are lost - possibly forever. In choosing the material for "Today, Tomorrow And Forever", knowing that an RCA release reaches a much wider audience than the FTD releases, we decided to leave out the material from the spring tours of 1977. The rational is that with the FTD audience the reaction will be a lot more sympathetic and understanding in relation to the various shortcomings of the material, than what we could expect from the media and the general public. That said, the producers were pleasantly surprised , as this material was finally located and catalogued. Recorded on a 4 track machine, the sound is definitely superior to the usual soundboard standard, and Elvis' performance is much better than the general expectations. As only selected songs were recorded, this CD does not attempt to be a concert - we hope that a somewhat unusual sequence is going present a refreshingly different live CD. Extra info for the true experts: "Unchained Melody" and "Little Darlin'" are the undubbed masters from the "Moody Blue" album. We would have liked to include the undubbed "If You Love Me" master as well, but unfortunately Elvis' vocal is missing on the first part of the song . As for the repertoire selection, many songs were only taped once. On songs like "My Way", "If You Love Me", "Heartbreak Hotel" and "O Sole Mio/It's Now Or Never" there were several choices, and we have chosen our cuts from a combination of musical and technical considerations. And to avoid the next questions: No this does NOT mean that we won't release soundboard material from 1977.
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Feb 27, 2002 

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