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This is the cover for the upcoming FTD CD "Polk Salad Annie" (FTD #28, 82876-60932-2) which will be released on July 1st. together with the "Paradise Hawaiian Style" soundtrack. This CD contains material recorded in Las Vegas in February 1970. Since so many other Elvis titles are coming out this summer, will FTD not return with new FTD releases until October 1st. The October release will be a soundboard show - yet to be determined - and the "Double Trouble soundtrack". Track Listing: (Las Vegas, February 1970) I Got A Woman (02/15, M.S.) Long Tall Sally (02/15, M.S.) Don't Cry Daddy (02/15, M.S.) Hound Dog (02/15, M.S.) Love Me Tender (02/15, M.S.) Kentucky Rain (02/15, M.S.) Let It Be Me (02/15, M.S.) I Can't Stop Loving You (02/15, M.S.) Walk A Mile In My Shoes (02/15, M.S.) In The Ghetto (02/15, M.S.) Sweet Caroline (02/15, M.S.) Polk Salad Annie (02/15, M.S.) Introductions (02/15, M.S.) Suspicious Minds (02/15, M.S.) Can't Help Falling In Love (02/15, M.S.) Release Me (02/19, D.S.) See See Rider (02/17, M.S.) Proud Mary (02/19, D.S.) The Wonder Of You (02/18, D.S.) Release Me (02/18, rehearsal) See See Rider (02/18, rehearsal) The Wonder Of You (02/18, rehearsal) (Tracklisting from: Elvis World Japan)
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Jun 9, 2004 
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pasa-ryu (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 14, 2004report abuse
I have pre-ordered it from 'essential elvis' and cannot wait to hear it I think though that they could have used a better photo and kept the original plan and photo they were gonna use(elvis on stage-revisited.). apart from this minor problem,an exciting release to look foward to enjoying.(anything new from elvis, especially elvis performing on stage,is well worth spending money on)keep it up f.t.d. and thanks for making it possible for all elvis fans to own something unreleased and new from elvis. its nice to see more of elvis on stage and hope it sounds as good as 2001's f.t.d. release one night in vegas?? 10/10.
sam (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 10, 2004report abuse
The cover sucks!! They've cropped to much away making his head the wrong shape. Makes him look funny. Oh well maybe they're hiring Kinder garten nowadays!
ijustcanhelpbelievin (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 9, 2004report abuse
the cover looks great!! the selection of songs are good, but could have been better. i'm sure to buy this one,as elvis was still into preforming at vegas in 1970. i hope the soundboard recording is as good as "one night in vegas"...
CapiTrueno (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 9, 2004report abuse
This cover is great!
dismas (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 9, 2004report abuse
Looks great, although I'm not that crazy about the title they've chosen (minor nitpicking, I know). I'm looking forward to both the live disc and the upgraded 7" "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" soundtrack with great anticipation.
scobaby (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 9, 2004report abuse
The content looks great!! I do still wonder which performances have been previously released. On Stage 1999 does not list specific dates on several songs and I wondered if some of these are included. At any rate, I can't wait for this one--a sure winner!!
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 9, 2004report abuse
The cover art is O.K. but as always It easily could have done with another picture. The content is what counts and I think I gonna like this one for sure. Elvis was not yet bored from the long visits in Las Vegas in February 1970. In October another soundboard; can't wait to hear from what tour or year. Maybe FTD is in for a big surprise and they finally did find a sounboard from the great July 1975 tour....
Renan (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 9, 2004
Invisible because there were too many capitals in the text

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