FTD Has Elvis' Final Hayride Performance (Update)

According to a post by Ger Rijff on the FECC board he has been reliably informed that the Follow That Dream label has acquired an audio recording of Elvis' final performance on the Louisiana Hayride from December 15, 1956. The only other information currently available is that Elvis' performance of Paralyzed is very audible. There is no more information available at this time, but here is the song line-up from the concert. 01. Heartbreak Hotel 02. Long Tall Sally 03. I Was The One 04. Love Me Tender 05. Don't Be Cruel 06. Love Me 07. I Got A Woman 08. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again 09. Paralyzed 10. Hound Dog. Update April 13, 2006: Ernst Jorgensen confirmed the news to us. On the release of the material (BMG, FTD or SUN project) he said: "Nothing is decided at this time".
Source: Various / Updated: Apr 13, 2006 
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SPK (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 26, 2006report abuse
But is this the same 56 complete show that Ernst spoke of weeks ago when talking about new FTD's CD's? or is this another 56 show?
Gladyslove (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 23, 2006report abuse
I will tell you what: There must be more Elvis concerts from Hyride caus there are alot of entertainers and they filmed the concerts with sound and even on tape. There must be more concerts filmed and taped cause Elvis was at the top at his fame back in 56. But I think the tapes are maybe in the BMG vaults or even in collectors hand or at the Hairyde people.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 21, 2006report abuse
In some way I don't get excited by this kind of releases; I don't know why but I think it has to do with the fact that the sound will not that good and that I don't really like Elvis' early performances.
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 18, 2006report abuse
The footage on "Elvis '56" is shown straight after a still photo from the final Hayride performance, but the footage itself does not come from this show. On the Hayride shows, a backdrop was clearly visible in all of the existing photo's, but not in the concert footage.
Narek (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 15, 2006report abuse
Really, where exactly in Elvis 56 was this footage?
Garydt (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 15, 2006report abuse
There is a bit of footage of this actual concert used on the "Elvis 56" documentary so there must be more of this footage. Does anyone know who owns it, how much there is, etc? Wouldn't it be fab if most or all of thhe concert was filmed and it was released with the actual sound!! I'd be estastic!!!
EspenK (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 15, 2006report abuse
Hehe - I thought it said "has acquired an AUDIENCE recording" first time I read this, thinking "how the heck could anyone in the audience record this in 1956?" :D
pasa-ryu (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 14, 2006report abuse
anything new or unheard is a welcome in my opinion!-elvis completist collectors will certainly have to own this,including myself..hope they include 'bonus tracks' as 10 songs is'nt much for f.t.d. priced cd(£17.00)
Narek (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 14, 2006report abuse
Yhat's great, still I also wait for Ernst
Narek (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 13, 2006report abuse
You mean it's made slow or fast? Cos I didn't notice anything unnatural
dannyboy1 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 13, 2006report abuse
If they do a Hayride CD, wouldn't it be nice if they took the time to get the speeds right - have Elvis sounding natural for a change. It will be a big ask to have to buy them all for the millionth time, and still at the wrong speeds.
Narek (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 12, 2006report abuse
Totally agree, a 57 show in good quality is my dream too. The footage really is exciting, I'm sure he does Jailhouse Rock and probably a few more songs from the soundtrack.
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 12, 2006report abuse
Details about this tape were unvieled last year. It is said to be from a different source to the three recordings previously released, and in much better sound quality. I am surprised that people are commenting on the lack of variation in the songs performed. What do people expect? Elvis was performing his then-limited number of hits night after night, which made for very little variation. I think the idea of another 1956 live recording being made available is beyond critisism. I have grave doubts as to whether a recording of "Only You" even exists, or ever did. It was just bad timing that the night in Little Rock where a tape was running was a night when Elvis chose not to perform the song.
My dream would be for a recording of a 1957 concert to come to light. The silent live footage looks so exciting, the shows must have been fantastic. Again, I have my doubts as to the existance of such a recording. My theory for the lack of 1957 live recordings is that as Elvis' popularity grew, and he was able to command big fees for television appearances, Colonel Parker made sure that no radio stations recorded the shows for broadcast. While on the subject of live recordings, I have always been interested in the history of the 1961 Hawaiian concert tape. It has been said that the tape came from the Colonel's office, but did we ever know why the recording was made and how? Presumably a microphone was held up to a speaker, accounting for the poor sound quality. Can anybody else shed any light on the history of this tape?
Narek (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 12, 2006report abuse
I think Only You will never come out, cos we've been hearing aout it being found for quite a long time and it never appeared. What's funny that on Russian market there was a release called Romentic Collection where was Only You by Elvis Presley. The funny thing is that it was the Platters version we all know. So every time I talk to Russians about Elvis they say that Only You is a great song. I even had a bet with one gu, he said he'd get Elvis' version of Only You I said man youll make a fortune. He neve did :) As t the arrangments, I think that similar arrangment with Ed's show or Million Dollar Quartet doesn't make the release any less interesting, if it did than waht's the piont in buying most of the 70's shows just get 5-6 CDs. It's more about the momentum in history.
JimmyCool (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2006report abuse
Oh, btw, I forgot to tell you that some of this recordings are available December 15 - "The Louisiana Hayride" Municipal Auditorium, Shreveport Heartbreak Hotel Unreleased) /Long Tall Sally (Unreleased)/I Was The One (Released)/Love Me Tender (Released)/Don't Be Cruel (Unreleased)/Love Me (Unreleased)/I Got A Woman (Unreleased)/When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (Unreleased)/Paralyzed (Unreleased)/Hound Dog (Released) No, let's see: We already have 3 of the 10 songs (30%) and the sound isn't that good... in fact, it sounds terrible! Some of the songs after appeared live on the Ed Sullivan Show, in January 1957, so I don't think they sound too different (I bet he say "teeleephone" in Don't Be Cruel too)... The only really "new" version is Paralyzed... but, as I said earlier, this show occured only 11 days after the Million Dollar Quartet took place, so this live version should be the same arrengement, but with a poor sound quality... Let's find "Only You"!
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2006report abuse
I'll believe this when Ernst confirms it. Until then..........
Sean Ryan (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2006report abuse
This is fantastic news!!! Paralysed and Dont Be cruel are totally different than what we have heard before.Cant wait to hear this.
Dixieland Rock (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2006report abuse
I wasn't aware of "Paralyzed" being performed at this Hayride show. This is good news. I always thought that Elvis sang just 6 songs at this Hayride performance. I'm pleased to hear of the other 4 songs. The song "Paralyzed" to me is as good as the song "Don't Be Cruel" and is a gem that often gets overlooked. Those 2 songs have that same guitar slap & that laid back beat. I wished Elvis would have sang "Paralyzed" in his 70s live shows. Does anyone know the exact number of Hayride shows Elvis did. And secondly, how many of the Hayride shows were actually recorded?
Narek (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2006report abuse
Wow! I'm so glad that was recorded and moreover preserved, cos that truly is among one of the shows that interested me most. I just hope this is true and will be looking forward to get the release. All that we can do is just stand there paralyzed :)))) and wait
JimmyCool (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2006report abuse
Well... it's always good news to get new Elvis material, no matter what period of his carreer is. I'm sure "Paralyzed" will sound similar to the version heard on "The Million Dollar Quartet". I just wonder what happenned with 1956 live version of "Only You" which I read a looong time ago they found, sounding very good. And how abouth SUN's "Last Train To Memphis" I read a long time a go too "stored in a safe box in Memphis, Tennessee". I'm sure all these recording will appear someday, but... I want them now! I don't wanna get old waiting and maybe deaf... I want to enjoy those recordings. I don't think it's that difficult to find old recordings... I mean, paleonthology can find stuff from the Pre-Historical age, but people can't find recording fifty-something years old! Give me a break!
Pedro Nuno (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2006report abuse
To be honest, this is a Fantastic Wonderful News! It's probably one of the Best concerts that Elvis gave in 1956, and in his carrear, because of the fantastic athmosphere of the Fans and also because of a very reasonable crowd, over 12.000 fans. And, dear Jth, the problem with the "not much variation of songs", have a very good explanation: In December 1956 Elvis had probably recorded less than 30 Songs, to RCA. So giving a Concert and singing in that concert almost 1/3 of the songs he had recorder that year is very, very good. If this is True, this will be another Capital Concert of Elvis's carrear that will be ofered from FTD to us fans, from the 50's to the 70's. Thankyouverymuch, Ernest
Jth (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2006report abuse
Dear God, another possible Hayride release! And not much variation of song choices by our man; ever other Hayride release has these songs - I hope that FTD will put out a cd with all of the Hayride recordings; so for those few fans that don't have Hayride cd's the FTD Hayride cd will be their only and final one that they will ever need, period. But if not it would be nice that FTD would have a booklet with this cd that would have a complete list of Elvis' Hayride performances and complete song list, for us fans that care more about the 70's Elvis than the 50's - but what am I saying ...this is FTD; they don't release booklets with their ridicoulsly highly priced cd's!

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