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Everyone knows how spiritual Elvis was. In the 1960's he really became involved in reading spiritual books of all religions vociferously. He often talked with some in the Memphis Mafia about certain books. A coincidence occurred in the 1960's when he talked about a well known book, "From Paradise Lost To Paradise Regained." Shortly after that a fan gave him a copy of this book. He had never met this fan before and she had inscribed it to Elvis with a very nice wish for him.

Elvis had this book for years and from time to time would read it and quote from it. A few years later he gave this book to longtime friend and Memphis Mafia Member Marty Lacker. Marty served as Elvis' co-Best Man at Elvis' wedding. Marty has kept this book that Elvis had given him all these years and in cleaning out one of his book shelves in his home office he came across the book and decided to sell it so some fan could have a personal memento of Elvis, something that belonged to him and used often. Book comes with a letter of authenticity from Marty Lacker. 

Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Mar 2, 2011 

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