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Due for release in France are two new DVDs; the first one is "Toute L'histoire Du King Du Rock´n´Roll". The second DVD is a 4 DVD set entitled "Elvis Collector: Sa Vie, Sa Carrière" which is due for release August 20, 2007.
Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Updated: Jul 21, 2007 
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DiskinCopy (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 25, 2007report abuse
Great for all those wonderful french EP fans that have been so loyal throughout the years, especially JeanMarc who has met with the King so many times and has been very cooperating with RCA over the years so that great new Viva Las Vegas Mais (but) where is THE DVD we have all been waiting for for years new...I'm talking about EonTour 1972 with ALL MGM filming done of those 12 concerts EP gave in 12 cities ? He was in great shape, much better than in 1977.....Come on boys at EPE Mgmt at Graceland and Warner we need you to connect with BMG, Sony and Ernst&Roger in order to make it happen 35 years later...But better later than never, right ?!!...Hint hint, you might just be releasing this DVD together with a 3 CDBox of the Concert songs (no interviews or junk to fill up space like was done in the MGM movie...just our King singing his heart out in front of all those wonderful fans). Would be a real thriller... nothing like Jackson's ... no way. Any better ideas from your readers ?? Meanwhile just a little note that means a lot: Congratulations to Iris Maenza and Jennifer Liebeskind for the fabulous work done on the new Elvis at the Movies double CD out in Europe. Also congratulations to the great inlay-story written very very well by Michael Hill. He should be working more for EPE on BMG releases. Ernst, please take note. Another great compilation and project that thanks to Rob Santos and John Hudson, Josh Levy and Jennifer Garcia was able to reach the music stores around Europe. Great work boys & girls! Really can't wait to get the follow up double CD with another 40 great tunes of his movies...just think Baby I don't care, Teddy bear, Trouble, Tonight's allright for love, Shopping around, Tender feeling, Big love big heartache, Hard knocks, Because of love, Change of habit, Almost, Angel, Your time hasxn't come yet baby, Puppet on a string, Kismet, Look out Broadway, Wooden heart etc etc...Great variety and selection available for releasing another successful volume two, folks ! Alors, Anyone in France any thoughts ?? Please do share them with us. The general public should get an opportunity to see those 12 shows in 12 cities during 1972 (35 years ago - trop longtemps) and hear those wonderful renditions of live songs on stage when EP looked good. Alors la France, repondez-nous avec vos suggestions.
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 21, 2007
Invisible because there was used a language other than English

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