Follow That Rumour, Part 2

Two weeks ago we announced the probably content of the fourth Follow that Dream release. We used this header because we heard two possibilities. Since our source for one of the rumours asked us to keep it under our hat, we only mentioned the 1970 soundboard as possible content. Now we were surprised to read this on a newsgroup: "I'm here to tell you that the fourth release will be outtakes etc. from the Graceland sessions in feb. and oct. of 76. so apparently the 1970 show was just a a rumor. Next one up will be a show from 1974 and it' s been said this would be something special (Houston??? But that is just in my head, not a confirmed fact). This comes straight from the horses mouth by the way (Ernst Jørgensen) as told to Todd Slaughter. Eivind Haug, Flaming Star, Official Fan Club Of Norway." We are waiting anxiously for the definitive confirmation on either one of these rumours. Of course we'll keep you posted!
Updated: Dec 20, 1999 
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