First Anniversary

This week it is exactly one year ago since we started this website. After a couple of weeks of "Elvis Telegraph" we transformed into the current We are very grateful to all loyal visitors and -this must be said too- proud that we settled so well within one year. Although our popularity is still growing, we will not "rest on our laurels". We will keep on trying to improve, and your input might help us with that. Any idea or suggestion? Let us know and you can be sure we'll consider it at least. So again, a honest "thankyouverymuch" to our visitors, but also to our regular contributors, who make it a lot easier to fill the magazine with interesting articles week after week. Of course we have to thank our sources, voluntary or not, too. Without their inspiring care of business, our site wouldn't be what it is now. Our birthday-party wouldn't be a party without gifts. First for all of you we have a special wallpaper and screensaver. Thanks to Elvis Unlimited we have some special gifts for a few of our readers. Five copies of the recently released "Elvis Shot by Bonja", focusing on our man on stage, will be given away. We considered drawing the winners from our members-list, but knowing there are a lot of regular visitors that aren't on our lists we thought that might be unfair. Therefore we had a little quiz last week, with two questions about Ed Bonja. To our big surprise we have a lot of visitors that don't read too well, since the answer to both questions could be found easily in the interview we had with Ed a couple of weeks ago. More than 65% of the replies we got were wrong; especially the first question ("Who made the pictures for Ed Bonja's next book?") turned out to be a hard one. Probably because the expected answer, Ed Bonja, wasn't the right one, because Ed's next book will be filled with candids by Sandi Miller. The answer to the second question is a proof of Bonja's good taste; his favourite site is the one you are looking at now. Anyway, we still had plenty of right answers to draw from. We'd like to congratulate Brenda, Eivind, Erna, Suzanne and Björn with their copy of "Elvis Shot by Bonja". They'll be posted this week. Those with bad answers or bad luck can still order the book.
Updated: Aug 27, 2000 

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