False Rumour

We received an update from BMG Nederland and the people organizing the Dutch preview screening. There is no truth in the news that a certain website is telling fans about the "Aloha From Hawaii" being not available due to misprints of the cover. The "Aloha From Hawaii" DVD-set will be on sale tonight at the preview party in Utrecht (The Netherlands).
Source: BMG NL / Updated: Jun 16, 2004 

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macuser (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2004report abuse
The Aloha from Hawaii DVD deluxe-set contains 2 Concert-shows.
Alternate & Official satellite show.
The alternate rehearsel show of jan 12th 1973 misses the "wholelotta shakin'and Johny B.Goode song!
The official satellite show of jan 14th 1973 contains ALL songs like John B.Goode,I'm so lonesome i could cry etc etc.
Regarding promotional events:
The Free recordshop doesn't have a big promotion planned for both DVD's.They will be stocked on the shelves after june 19th 2004 and that's it.Same goes for the music-store in the Magna Plaza so that it is up to the individual efforts of the fans to get those 2 DVD's into the media.
Remco (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 16, 2004report abuse
There is no false rumour!!!

According to different sources there is a misprint in the back cover. And BMG Sweden has decided to replace there stock which will cause a little delay.

Please try to be better informed before placing comments on others!!
E.J.F... (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 16, 2004report abuse
Play are selling these for GBP14.99 (Aloha) and GBP23.99 (68 Comeback). Postage is free! I suppose they don't come any cheaper than that. I've already placed my order!
gribz (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 16, 2004report abuse
On the EPE site you can see all the release dates for the different Countries. They are all listed... I just hope BMG, EPE do a visual audio promotion campaign. Other stars have the advantage of live video and tours to help them promote.. The key with Elvis is his presence and his charisma. They must get that out there for the youth to see, and then these releases will be enormous.
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 16, 2004report abuse
Hi Lowri they should both be coming out on the 5th july in the uk. I am getting mine from the Fan club of Great britain so i am not sure about what shops they will be selling them in
Lowri (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 16, 2004report abuse
I can'r wait to get this on dvd along with the '68 comeback special ,does anyone know if these dvds will be on sale in the united kingdom and if so where, thankyouverymuch
JeroenNL (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 16, 2004report abuse
BMG Netherlands have checked the stock this morning so the Aloha is really there!!

Great reply by Elvos, if you need any help with ... please let us know, many will be happy to help!

And Kenneth: maybe BMG Scandinavia have been sleeping and come up with a story.
Elvos (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 16, 2004report abuse
This certain site has done everything to promote themselfs,by (mis)using well known names in Elvisworld.
They think that they are better and bigger then Elvis him self.
I've had arguments with them before,but they wont change..
And now they try to mess up an Elvis party by saying that Aloha won't be available...I think i'm going to a certain shop real soon to ...
Kenneth Olsen (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 16, 2004report abuse
What is true? In Norway BMG have told that there is something wrong with the "Aloha" DVD, and it would not be for sale in Europe before the start of July! I belive the same have been told to the fans in Denmark also. Is this not true or.....?

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