Fake Cop With Elvis ID Fined After Bogus Arrest

A fake policeman whose ID had a photo of Elvis on it fined people for urinating outside at Munich's Oktoberfest. The 28-year-old has been found guilty of posing as a policeman at a court in the city. He fined an Italian visitor around £15. When another man refused to pay, he 'arrested' him and took him to the nearest police station. Staff arrested him when he showed them the fake ID. The ID was actually a fake US driver's license with a photo of Elvis Presley, the Sud Deutsche Zeitung reports. He later confessed that he didn't get beyond a police training course. The man from Munich, who hasn't been named, has been fined 2,800 euros (just over £1,700).
Source: Ananova / Updated: Feb 24, 2002 
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