Explanation NBC Special And Aloha Delay

After all comments on our site and elsewhere about the delay of these two DVD's we aske EPE for a clearification. Todd Morgan took the time to explain things extensively: "We'll announce a specific release date for '68 and Aloha the very moment that it's locked in. Obviously, when we try to be more specific before a date is locked in and then speculative information changes, we get crucified. Some people think it's as simple as assembling the footage and cranking out discs. It's not. We seriously expect it to be within the first half of '04 as now stated in our FAQ, so it's not another whole year to wait. Deciding to go with BMG as our distributor for the new '68 and Aloha releases meant our getting these projects in the queue with their very heavy schedule of other Elvis projects as well as well as our own roster of things we had going on. We stopped work on the DVDs until such time as we could hammer out some specifics with BMG and until such time as we could get our own group re-focused on it. These last couple of years have been a wild ride, a great one. Getting all parties to focus again on '68/Aloha didn't happen until we all got through the glorious insanity of the 25th anniversary year and some other things since. Now, work has resumed on '68 and Aloha. If we were to stick with our goal of 2003, then we'd have to rush the rest of the work. From the time we finish producing the content and deliver final tapes to them, BMG needs several months to make the discs and packaging and get things rolling in the distribution pipeline. It would have been nice to have had the '68 and Aloha projects released in this, their 30th/35th anniversary year as we had hoped, but it just didn't happen that way. Frankly, there's going to be so much press and hoopla in 2004 about 50 years since the start of Elvis's career that I bet the'68/Aloha projects will get even more attention than they would have this year. That's not the reason for releasing them in '04, but it's a possible benefit to feel good about. It would take pages and pages to recount all the factors that brought us to this point and all the factors involved in making these projects happen. Are you familiar with the 80's puzzle toy called a Rubik's Cube? Every move to get all color blocks to match on one side affects your work in lining up the colors on the other five sides. You just keep turning and turning until everything lines up. That's a good analogy for our work here. So many projects and so many entities to deal with. Everything affects everything else. We're always turning, turning, turning and doing the best we can. It's not exactly accurate to say the '68 and Aloha projects have been delayed. Although we really felt it would happen in 2003, it was still speculative - a goal, a hope. If everyone will just bear with us, we'll get these projects done right and get them out there and everyone will be very happy. Since so many of our critics in the fan world think we're a bunch of money-grubbing capitalist pigs, it should occur to them that every day these programs are not in global release is another day of lost revenue. We're certainly not deliberately making the process of getting them out there take longer than anticipated."
Updated: Aug 25, 2003 
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Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 27, 2003report abuse
I said it before and I will say it again (sorry Lex): The fans deserve to have The '77 CBS Special on DVD sound 5.1
It really doesn't matter how he looks, it's the last time we can see Elvis in Concert. Now we have to do it with illegal copies, which make look Elvis even worse ! Just throw out songs like Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel, Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock and put in Trying To Get To You, Now Or Never, If You Love Me Let Me Know (Rapid City).
And when it's out on DVD and you don't like it than don't buy it ! It's as simple as that; give the fans the Special on DVD so they can decide for themselves; I bet it would sell....Elvis' last tour on DVD !!! Buy it Now !!
johnlennon (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 27, 2003report abuse
Elvis was great in the '68 special. His voice is quite rough on If I Can Dream, which makes it sound super!
He was giving everybody a show to let them know he was the king of rock n' roll, and he did he brilliantly. He put.....anger and power into the songs, feeling too. Elvis' voice did improve in the '70's, especially the last few years, but he's singing in a different style to different songs. He's not going to sing Hurt or something like he did with Blue Suede Shoes in '68 is he? In '68 he was rocking 'n' rolling with the best of them. Vocally when you're singing good rock 'n' roll songs you're not going to sound like Elvis does on say My Way or whatever. He was great in '68 and was great throughout the '70's.
EspenK (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 27, 2003report abuse
Kevin K: I agree 100% to your words. Being an Elvis fan today is so much better than 10-15 years ago.
Regarding this discussion about Elvis being on top or bottom in 68, I must admit that I find it remarkably interesting. I hav enever ever in my whole life heard anyone, Elvis fan or not, claiming that Elvis was anything else than excellent in this period.
I dont believe his raw sound came from the fact that he was nervous or had some sort of lack of range. On the other hand, I've never heard him this full of real power, he was ROCKIN', no more mr niceguy as he had been through a pile of movie soundtracks, no coctail-sipping soft-as-butter lounge-singer. He had balls, and lots of it.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 26, 2003report abuse
I've just listened again to the Spring Tours 1977 and although its a compilation of his best performances during that tour, I dont't care what anybody says but there is no disputing that Elvis was in excellent voice for long periods of 1977.
Null (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 26, 2003report abuse
Hello Elvis #1, Hello Lyle ray, Hello Lex,
This question of Elvis’ “best period” has always been a (friendly) bone of contention within fans. There’s no arguing with individual tastes, although, in fact, most of us like all of Elvis. Believe it or not, I enjoy large portions of “Frankie and Johnny”, “Harum Scarum” or “Double Trouble”... and Elvis is not at his best there!
Having said that, I’ve got EARS. And these ears of mine tell me that Elvis was not at his peak when he did the NBC special. Stage fright? Nervousness? I don’t know. The thing is that after all these years spent without seriously training, his voice had thinned and considerably lost in range. Suffice it to play the records! In the early sixties, he just had to open his mouth and let his voice flow nice and easy. He could sing strong or soft, in a superbly controlled manner... and what an amazing range!
In 1968, he had lost most it. He could hardly hit the high notes in “That’s All Right Mama”, “Tryin’ To Get To You” (God!), “One Night”, etc. These songs were too demanding for him at this stage. By contrast, in 1970, he has recovered most of his range and could sing these same old songs again, and in the same key as the original versions!
Now, we all know that Elvis was unwell most of the time in 77. However, when he was ok, his voice was just incredible. In 76-77, he had recovered the plenitude of his voice: power, mellowness and range! Just listen to “How Great Thou Art”, “I Really Don’t Want To Know”, “My Way”, “If You Love Me”... all in the 77 “Elvis in concert” album. Wow! Miles ahead better than his painful efforts to get his voice to soar in 1968!
Ok, the NBC special was a major step towards Elvis’ “return to splendor”. Yes, it was good to see him lean and trying so hard again, but -vocally speaking- he really wasn’t with it. To me, the “recovery process” began at the American Studio, and went on, year after year. At the end of 73 (The December Stax session) and in 74, Elvis’ voice was at its peak again (power and range wise). In 77, in his best moments, it was truly amazing.
Have I got it all wrong, friends? Does my auditory system leave to be desired? Or are we all sensitive to different facets of Elvis’ talent?
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 26, 2003report abuse
Elvis#1, I completely agree with you about the CBS Special. It's obvious Tim has some serious troubles with his taste, but indeed to each his own :-). Elvis didn't only know where he was in Omaha, but probably he didn't even know who he was... at least he forgot he was the guy that really could sing... once.
lray (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 26, 2003report abuse
To answer FTD_44. The live portion of the 68 Special was recorded in TV mono. Could they have done it in stereo? I believe they could have done so easily, but they didn't. Everything else recorded for the special was in stereo. So the none live portion (any time he isn't in leather) portion could be done in 5.1 on the new DVD's.
To comment on Tim's statement about Elvis being at a low point with his singing, WOW. To me his best years were 1968 through 1970. Not a low but a high. The best that he would ever be.
I think we will all be very pleased with the quality of these new DVD's next year. They could have easily just left them as they were, forever.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 26, 2003report abuse
I think we would all love to see CBS 77 Special but you can't hide that fact that Elvis' peformance in Omaha was generally awful. As he walks on stage from 2001 intro, he looks unsteady. At Rapid, he seemed much more alert, incredibly looked a lot less bloated and gave a good performance for a 77 concert. Personally I would love to see all the CBS 77 footage. I get excited by Aloha with the possiblilty of seeing Elvis backstage nervous before he goes on and also leaving the stage. Also there is no doubt that when Elvis recorded 5 songs after the show, all that banter: Glen, can't you follow a dammed thing!, 3 o'clock in the morning this is my favourite thing' etc was all taped and would make wonderful viewing. I would be very upset if this was not included. With regards to new camera angles, I haven't waited all this years just for that !!
Null (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 26, 2003report abuse
Tim, your kidding right? Your saying that during 68 that Elvis was a shell of his former self? That he had to force himself to sing great during the 68 Special? If your serious you have got to be kidding me! Elvis was at his best when he did the 68 Special and his voice was more powerful then it had been in years. I love the 77 Special but you would rather see this released before the Comback of 68? I for one would not want that because of the fact that in the 77 Special Elvis was a wreck physically and vocally and I know I'm going to get flamed for that but its true. I have three vcd's from the 77 Special. Omaha, Rapid City, and the Special itself. Omaha he was BAD. I think at times during this show he didnt know where he was. Rapid City Elvis was alot better but still Elvis was having trouble and the Tv Special? I'm glad EPE has refused to release it because if it reached the general public Elvis would get rediculed to no end! I'm still bewildered by your comments about the 68 Special. But two each his own I guess.
Null (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 26, 2003report abuse
I’m in no hurry to see this NBC special project take off. To me, Elvis was at his all time singing low during the NBC special: his voice lacked power, density and lustre, he could not make it to the high notes (suffice it to listen to “Trying To Get To You”, “One Night” and many other numbers), he had to force his voice out. These inelegant, uncontrolled and embarrassing over the top vocals only confirm that, when he did the NBC special, Elvis (whatever the reasons) was only the pale shadow of the virtuoso singer, the flawless stylist, he was in the early sixties. Had he done this NBC special (or his American Studio recordings) with his 1960 vocal instrument, it would have been a knock-out. To me, there are other priorities, such as “On Tour”, the 77 NBC special, and (on the CD side) a digitally restored version of the Madison Garden concert, with Elvis' voice more in the front, as in TTWIT. (What a shame that the 61 Honolulu concert cannot be restored to audible play!)
Kevin K (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 26, 2003report abuse
When i was younger, and I'm talking late 80's, early 90's here. There rarely seemed to be much going on in the Elvis world. I seem to remember the 'Great Performances' set, with My Happiness and that was it. Occasionally you'd get a surprise, like 'Collectors Gold'.Back then, I used to wish BMG/RCA would advertise more, put out more releases, try to get Elvis into the limelight where he belonged.. These days, I don't feel that way, I don't need to. I think BMG are doing a great job. There's literally more releases than I can afford! And this is great! I read/hear all the badmouthing that goes on about BMG, and I feel bad for them. I don't feel they deserve it. In my opinion, BMG are doing a fantastic job, and I'm glad they're in charge of Elvis' catalogue. Keep up the good work guys.
David Brys (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 26, 2003report abuse
Why is there so little patience with the Elvis-fans all of a sudden? Are they all so old that they fear not to be around for the next couple off years? Why so negative? Let the guys do there work properly and with care so that the product they release will (hopefully) benefit. I'm not saying that I don't have any remarks on the releases off the past, but hey... That's life. You can't win 'em all. If this was a perfect world, Elvis would still be around. It's OK to let Todd and his team know what we are feeling, that we like to have the Special and Aloha (and On Tour) to come out as soon as possible, as good as possible. However, putting up the pressure is not the same as tearing down the system. I hope the team does the job as well as they did on the TTWII-DVD (and more, because I also want more and better and more and better...;-))
myelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 26, 2003report abuse
i'm sure that todd morgan and EPE and trying there best to get these 2 special dvd's out there, so that myself and all the other elvis fans around the world can get them. I know that it has been a long time waiting for these 2 dvd's, god knows i want these 2dvd's (68'/aloha) very bad, and i'm very upset that they haven't been released, but for all the die hard elvis presley fans out there, we have to look forward towards the release of the elvis, "rubberneckin" single cd, and the new elvis cd, "2nd to none" that i know for a fact that i'm getting both of them. to top it off don't forget about the november release of the elvis cd, "elvis christmas peace" and by the time that comes out it will be christmas, GOD BLESS ALL THE ELVIS FANS ALL OVER THE WORLD, because we are the most dedicated fans to keeping the memory alive of elvis presley. then next thing you know, it's 2004, and the 68 special /aloha from hawaii dvd's are released, and bingo we all have 2 more very special dvd's to add to our elvis collection. god bless elvis presley for bringing us all together, and god bless all the elvis fans around the world, because elvis fans all over the world are the best fans. thank you thank you very much .
Robert Nelson (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 25, 2003report abuse
Hello Elvis friends: I appreciate Todd Morgan's comments. I receive the strong impression Mr. Morgan is really trying to bring us all on board with these projects. Communicating in this world is not an easy task as he implies and yes, needless to say Elvis supporters are a unique group. Perfectionists is the word which springs to mind here. For example as many readers will say, I too hope the copyright issue is resolved on all the songs but, I do not pretend to understand what is involved between all parties concerned with regards to copyright in the new millenium. Perhaps someone could offer some insight here. Good luck Todd Morgan and company. Here is hoping.
Null (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 25, 2003report abuse
well my questionis will the in the segments be in stereo, and if not why not and let's hope all the footage is there.....
Null (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 25, 2003report abuse
Ok since Todd Morgan was kind enough to give an explanation of why the Aloha and 68 dvd releases are now slated for release in 2004 I'll give EPE a break on this. And I'll wait until 2004 but I'll tell you something fan's these show's better be complete which means ALL songs included and nothing left out. They should have no excuses for not being able to have the publishing rights cleared up with "Johnny Be Goode" and put it back in the Aloha show, hell they have plenty of time to clear this up now. So I'll keep quiet about this from now on until 2004 rolls around. I have my vcd's to keep me satisfied but god help EPE should they delay these any longer in 2004. Thats just my two cents.Steve

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